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What are the Best Tips for Digital Photo Recovery?

Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch

It is incorrect to assume that once digital photos are deleted they are completely wiped off a memory card. Digital photo recovery is possible as long as the pictures have not been overwritten. Human error is often responsible for deleted photos; this is why software has been designed to recover them. As long as the user follows the simple instructions that accompanies the software, all of the images can be recovered.

There are a number of reasons why photo files can get damaged. It is a common occurrence for a casual photographer to accidentally delete image files or to mistakenly format the memory card that holds the files. It is also possible for the memory card or hard drive to become corrupt, thus causing the photos to be compromised.

A corrupted hard drive can necessitate digital photo recovery.
A corrupted hard drive can necessitate digital photo recovery.

Digital images are stored as files on a memory card and have a fixed space. When the files are deleted, the space is not necessarily erased. There is the possibility that it will just be marked "available." All this means is that the computer does not recognize the image; it still exists in the card.

When recovering deleted images from a memory card, a few tips need to be kept in mind. It is very important to remove the memory card from the camera and safely store it to prevent it from being accidentally overwritten. No further pictures should be saved to the memory card until the missing photos have been recovered. Doing so could hamper any photo recovery attempt because saving new photos could overwrite the missing ones.

There is a huge amount of software available that promises to recover missing photos. Some of these packages need to be purchased but there is free software that does an excellent job when it comes to digital photo recovery. Software that recovers digital photos is usually designed to be easy to use and comes with simple to understand instructions.

First, download and install the software. Next, connect the memory card to the computer. This can be achieved by a memory card reader or a direct connection via a cable. Once the computer informs the user that a new drive has appeared, the photo recovery is almost complete.

When the option to run the software appears, click it and choose the new drive. The photo format type should be left at JPG unless the images have been taken in a different format. The software should show the missing photos which can can be saved to a location of the user’s choosing.

Digital photo recovery may take a few minutes depending on the size of the memory card. Unless the user has taken new photos recently, it should be easy to recover every missing file. There is a possibility that the software will not work, however. If that proves to be the case, try another type of software to see if it is more successful.

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The best way to recover your lost photos is by using a photo recovery software. A Demo version of the software allows you to see a preview of the lost photos.

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    • A corrupted hard drive can necessitate digital photo recovery.
      By: merydolla
      A corrupted hard drive can necessitate digital photo recovery.