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What Are the Best Tips for Cutlery Storage?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

For many, the choice to use their cutlery is often forestalled due to the fact that they will have to store it and clean it after they use it. Due to this, people often forgo using their good-quality cutlery and instead use their everyday ware. When storing cutlery, always clean it properly before storing it. Make sure that individual pieces cannot scrape against one another so that they will not get scratched. By following these and a few other easy steps, cutlery can remain in good condition for many years.

The first and most important factor in the storage of any type of cutlery is to store it away only after it has been well polished. Polishing a newly washed piece of cutlery will take only moments. When a piece of cutlery is stored without being polished, it will take a great deal of polishing later to eradicate the streaks and tarnish.


Group like cutlery together when storing so that pieces are not lost and it is easier to locate pieces when they are needed. Never bind pieces together using a rubber band. Over time, rubber bands disintegrate. This cannot only mark the cutlery, but it can damage it beyond repair.

Cutlery storage is best done in an area that is free from humidity. Humidity causes cutlery to tarnish more rapidly than a dry environment will. To avert humidity in the storage area, a piece of activated charcoal can be placed near the cutlery, though without touching it. Desiccated silica can serve the same purpose. Lining the cutlery storage area with a flannel, cotton, or velvet cloth can prove to be advantageous, as it provides a smooth, soft bed for the pieces to be housed in and makes them less likely to get scratched during the time they are being stored.

Cutlery storage units are available and often will come with the purchase of a set of cutlery. A manufacturer may also have them available for an additional cost. Some companies make beautiful mahogany keepsake boxes for cutlery storage. Another option is the traditional butcher block, with embedded slots designed specifically for each piece. This storage piece comes in different types of wood and different hues of stain so that it can be matched to a kitchen.

Cutlery storage is important for maintaining and keeping cutlery in good condition. Though at times it may seem like a lot of work, it is well worth the extra effort to care for cutlery properly. Cutlery can prove to be a lifetime investment and one that can be handed down from generation to generation if it is well cared for and stored properly.

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