What Are the Best Tips for Cooking with Bacon Bits?

Alex Tree

Some of the best tips for cooking with bacon bits are to use the crumbs as toppings, know what the bits are made of, and replace regular bacon with bits of bacon. Bits of bacon are not meant to be used as snack food or the primary meat served at dinner; they are rich in taste, but also in calories, fat, and sodium. There are also different types of bacon bits, some which are healthier than others, usually because they are not made from real bacon. In addition, bacon bits are sometimes the healthiest and most convenient option to replace strips of freshly cooked bacon when following a recipe.

Bacon bits are best used as a topping.
Bacon bits are best used as a topping.

Bacon bits are primarily used as a condiment. They are sprinkled atop baked potatoes, salads, and other side dishes to give them a rich crunch. It is usually not advisable to use store-bought bacon bits as more than a condiment because they differ in flavor from freshly cooked bacon, but this is most noticeable when eating the bits in bulk. Store-bought bits of bacon are typically cooked in a microwave rather than more standard methods of cooking bacon, which gives the bacon a rubbery texture. In addition, they are coated with preservatives to extend their shelf life.

In some cases, eating bits of bacon is healthier than eating strips of bacon.
In some cases, eating bits of bacon is healthier than eating strips of bacon.

There are various types of bacon bits, which differ quite a bit from one another. Before adding the bits to a dish, a cook should note what the bits are made of. Most people assume bacon bits are just that: bits of bacon. Vegetarian bits of bacon, made from textured vegetable protein, are also popular and cheaper than real bacon. In addition, bacon bits can be made from meat from animals other than pigs, like turkeys. These products tend to look very similar, so the best method of getting the right type of bits is to check the package ingredients.

In some cases, eating bits of bacon is healthier than eating strips of bacon. This is especially true when replacing real strips of bacon with textured vegetable protein. A cook can check the back of a package to read the ingredients and confirm what is healthiest before purchasing the product. It can also be very fast and convenient for people to simply purchase and use bacon bits instead of having to cook strips of bacon. Not only do bits of bacon have a longer shelf life than strips of bacon, but they are also less messy, do not need to be frozen, and no preparation is required.

Bacon bits are sometimes sprinkled on top of salads.
Bacon bits are sometimes sprinkled on top of salads.

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@Fa5t3r - I'm sure you could find some low salt bacon bits at the supermarket. I don't think it's the salt exactly that gives them their flavor. I suspect that it's got more to do with the fat content. And saturated fat isn't that bad for you if you don't have too much of it.

I'm the type who thinks it's better to sprinkle on a few bacon bits to jazz up a healthy meal than to try and stick to completely bland food and break your eating plan within a few weeks. Unless you've been told to cut out salt altogether or else, going cold turkey on it isn't a great plan.


@pastanaga - I don't buy them any more because I just end up adding them to everything. I hardly ever found a meal that they wouldn't improve somehow. But I'm supposed to be watching my salt levels so I had to give up bacon bits and soy sauce.

Apparently your taste buds eventually bounce back after becoming too used to salty tastes but it hasn't quite happened yet.


I try not to use them too often, because they aren't the healthiest food in the world, but bacon bits can really save a bland meal if you need them to. I keep them on hand for emergencies. They can be quite overwhelming if you put them in the wrong thing though, so use them wisely.

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