What Are the Best Tips for Choosing Washroom Colors?

B. Miller
B. Miller
A blue and green washroom wall.
A blue and green washroom wall.

A washroom may refer to both a bathroom and a laundry room, depending on which part of the world the English speakers are from. Regardless, choosing washroom colors is a necessary part of interior decorating, whether people are simply repainting the room, or are remodeling the entire room. The best place to start when choosing washroom colors is generally to determine the decorating theme in the room; for instance, will it have a floral theme, a beach theme, or another type? Another option is to find a specific item that provides inspiration, and then build the room around the colors in that piece.

Many people choose to build the washroom colors around a certain theme. Floral patterns are especially popular, as are beach and seashell themes. For a kid's bathroom, brighter colors or cartoon characters could be chosen. It may be possible to find matching rugs, shower and window curtains, as well as items such as soap dishes or toothbrush holders. It is then possible to take one or two colors found in these items, and paint the walls and trim to match. This is one of the simplest way to get a cohesive look when trying to choose washroom colors.

Others will select washroom colors based on a specific color family or mood that they want to achieve. For example, certain types of stone or tile work may become the centerpiece of the washroom, and the rest of the room can be based around that. For more modern or upscale bathrooms, muted color palettes are often chosen based around a designer tile used for counter tops, flooring, or shower stalls. Browsing home improvement stores or catalogs can often be a great source of inspiration for stonework and tiling, which may help all of the colors come together.

Another way to choose washroom colors is to find a certain item to use as inspiration. A multicolored vase, a certain light fixture, or a piece of art can all serve as inspiration for choosing colors, and can be a great way to ensure that the room looks carefully planned and put together. It can also help to dictate whether the room will appear more modern or traditional, and the types of other materials that may be chosen for fixtures, mirrors, and lighting. Many interior designers use this method of choosing an inspiration piece for designing a room.

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    • A blue and green washroom wall.
      By: .shock
      A blue and green washroom wall.