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What Are the Best Tips for Choosing Crop Jackets?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Crop jackets are a modern twist on traditional long jackets. These types of jackets, which generally are made for women but also are available for men, come in a variety of textures, styles and lengths. Given the short nature of the jackets, they generally are not flattering on busty women. Different styles of these jackets are appropriate for certain occasions. Choosing crop jackets involves determining the best length and picking a variety of colors and textures for different outfits or different seasons.

Crop jackets are shorter than the lengthy jackets that hit below the hips. The latter is traditionally important in business wear, although crop jackets are sometimes worn in the office too. These jackets are a fashionable way to dress up virtually any outfit.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

The first thing to decide is the length. Even shorter jackets come in variable lengths. Some hit just above the hips, and others hit the waist or the ribcage. Make sure to evaluate your own body type before purchasing one. Shorter jackets are best for women with bigger hips, and bustier women should pick the longer version or even avoid the look altogether.

After you have determined the appropriate length of jacket, start with the basics to get your wardrobe started. This includes basic jackets in neutral colors such as black, denim, khaki, navy and brown. A bold, solid color works best over one decked out in numerous colors and patterns.

It is a misconception that short jackets are exclusive spring and summer wardrobe pieces. During the hot months, these jackets complement tank tops, sleeveless dresses and camisoles. This is especially helpful for work. Crop jackets can also be worn during the winter months over sweaters and turtlenecks. These jackets can be worn with skirts, dresses, cropped pants, dress pants and jeans.

Crop jackets come in different colors and textures. They can be made of cotton, spandex, linen, velvet, tweed, leather, denim and wool. The variety of fabrics makes it easy to determine what time of year you should add a certain jacket to your outfit.

A variety of textures and styles makes crop jackets versatile in a wardrobe. It is important to differentiate between what is an appropriate outfit maker, especially in terms of weather and your workplace. Some summer jackets have a three-quarter-length sleeves, a detail that doesn’t make these types of jackets appropriate for snowy weather. Likewise, tweed or velvet jackets aren't appropriate for summer.

Have fun with crop jackets, and don’t be afraid to utilize them with different outfits. These jackets have a dual purpose of offering warmth and style. The primary use is to dress up an outfit.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip