What Are the Best Tips for Choosing a Trumpet?

Paul Cartmell
Paul Cartmell
Price range should be considered when choosing a trumpet.
Price range should be considered when choosing a trumpet.

Trumpets are one of the oldest types of musical instruments used in bands from large orchestras to small bands. When purchasing a horn, the abilities of the player and his or her price range should first be considered, as the instruments are usually rated based on quality from student to intermediate to professional types. Consulting with a professional musician can also be a great tip, as he or she can provide you with information based on experience. If possible, a serious buyer should also test out the instrument before purchase, which is possible in most reputable music stores. Used models are sold over the Internet and in stores, with new models available from reputable music stores.

Prices vary depending on the rating of the instrument, with professionally-rated trumpets generally costing more than student and intermediate instruments. Construction also affects cost because professional models are created with a bell constructed from a single piece of brass, with yellow brass being the most common. Other materials, however, such as silver brass and nickel-plated brass, can affect both the tone of the instrument and the overall price. Student and intermediate instruments are usually constructed from two pieces of brass welded together that do not provide as warm of a sound or last as long as one constructed of a single piece of brass.

Professional players or an established music store should be consulted when purchasing a trumpet. Beginning the search for a musical instrument with a budget in mind helps the music store or professional player guide the purchaser towards a good quality instrument within the required price range. Trumpets purchased through online stores cannot be played and tested for quality before the instrument is purchased, so serious buyers should opt for a professional music store.

There are a number of things to look for when deciding whether or not to purchase a used trumpet as well. Used models, especially, should be played and tested before purchase to ensure that it is in good working order regardless of the price. If a student or beginner is purchasing the instrument, then a more experienced player should be consulted for advice. The buyer should also check a used trumpet for dents, leaks, and the movement of the pistons that can reduce the quality of the notes played.

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    • Price range should be considered when choosing a trumpet.
      By: Mr Twister
      Price range should be considered when choosing a trumpet.