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What Are the Best Tips for Call Center Motivation?

K. Testa
K. Testa

The best tips for call center motivation are virtually the same as those intended to motivate employees in any other office setting. For a supervisor, one key to motivating call center employees is to be a fair and approachable authority figure. It also helps to model the practices that the manager wants to see in his or her employees. Implementing proper rules and regulations, and enforcing them equitably can promote office motivation as well. Rewarding employees for good performance is another way to encourage call center motivation.

Call center motivation is typically deemed necessary because of the unique characteristics of call center jobs. They might differ from other positions, for instance, because many call center agents receive relatively low pay for tedious work. Another issue is that technological advances have made call centers busier and potentially more stressful working environments than in the past. These conditions might prevent call center agents from performing at the level necessary to benefit their employers. Many workplace studies show that motivated employees are more likely to feel invested in their work, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.

An important tip for call center motivation is to be an approachable supervisor.
An important tip for call center motivation is to be an approachable supervisor.

An important tip for call center motivation is to be an approachable supervisor. Despite the potentially demanding atmosphere of the call center, the employees should have at least one person in whom they can confide and to whom they can ask questions. Furthermore, that supervisor should try to deal with questions and grievances efficiently to assure employees that they are being treated fairly.

Supervisors also should try to model the attitudes and actions that they want to see their employees demonstrate. For instance, it can set a good example when the supervisors take the initiative to assist with calls during high-volume periods. Assuming some of the workload, rather than simply delegating tasks, can increase call center motivation by emphasizing teamwork and productivity.

Call center motivation can also depend on the existence of clear rules and regulations. In addition to creating policies related to job duties, such as quotas, managers should implement fair policies that apply to all employees, including supervisors. Some examples could include time and attendance rules as well as on-the-job regulations, such as not making personal phone calls during working hours and having uniform break times for everyone.

Providing tangible rewards for good performance, such as meeting and exceeding job quotas, is another way to encourage call center motivation. Some supervisors also grant additional recognition for good employee attitudes that boost workplace morale. Common examples of rewards for reaching a certain level of productivity might include a monetary bonus or a virtual reward based on an interoffice Internet challenge of some sort.

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@SarahGen-- So what do you think would be a better way to motivate? Unfortunately, when an employer uses rewards to motivate employees, everyone will not get a reward. If they did, they would not have the motivation to work better would they?

There are definitely other ways to motivate employees without singling out anyone. For example, throwing an office party after the call center has done better work than usual is a good idea. This way, everyone feels rewarded and it reinforces a team mentality.


I work at a call center and our office sets targets for each day and also rewards the person with the greatest number of resolved cases.

I'm not too happy about this motivation strategy. The work that we do is already very stressful and the last thing I need is more competition. Everyone does their best, sometimes the effectiveness of our work is not up to us. There are other factors that play a role. So when I don't do as well as someone else, I feel like I'm being punished. This doesn't really motivate me. It does the opposite.


I'm a manager at a call center and I think that feedback is the most important aspect of call center motivation. I make sure that I don't only give negative feedback to my employees. I also give positive feedback when they do a good job. Call center employees, like any other type of employee, must feel that they are a valuable part of the team. Appreciating an employee for his work and letting him know that is the best way to confirm that he is important for the team. This motivates and encourages the employee. It gives him enthusiasm about his work.

I am an authoritative figure at work but I have never been biased towards any employee. I always treat everyone the same and I have never disrespected anyone. For this reason, my employees respect me but they can always talk to me if they have a problem.

I guess if I have to sum it up, our office is like a family. We correct one another when necessary, we help each other to do better. We don't promote competition or negativity. It's all about team work and understanding. For this reason, our motivation is high and so is our performance.

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    • An important tip for call center motivation is to be an approachable supervisor.
      By: WavebreakMediaMicro
      An important tip for call center motivation is to be an approachable supervisor.