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What Are the Best Tips for Buying a Vintage Clarinet?

Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch

When looking for a vintage clarinet one should have a budget and stick with it. It is wise to beware of imitations and to know how to tell the difference in the ages of clarinets. The age dictates whether the instrument is vintage or merely old, which can make a difference of several thousand dollars in the value of the clarinet. Research is an essential part of buying a clarinet of this type. The buyer should look for merchants with a good reputation who can prove that they have sold a number of similar vintage pieces.

The clarinet is among the oldest of the woodwind musical instruments. Vintage clarinets are highly sought after by musicians and also collectors because of their value. They can be expensive which is why it is vital to do research in order to secure a vintage clarinet at the right price.

The first thing the buyer should take into account is his budget. An ordinary clarinet costs several hundred dollars so be prepared to pay several thousand dollars for a top-quality vintage clarinet. A budget helps to narrow down the search.

Vintage clarinets are highly sought after by musicians.
Vintage clarinets are highly sought after by musicians.

Due to an increase in demand for vintage clarinets, more pieces have been made available. This has also lead to an influx of unscrupulous traders who deliberately sell clarinets that are not vintage. There will also be sellers who genuinely don’t know if what they are selling is vintage or not. This, again, is why research is crucial.

It is important to know the difference between an old clarinet and a vintage one. Clarinets that are merely old do not possess the same level of value as their vintage counterparts. The main difference between the two is that an old clarinet comes from the mid 20th century, whereas a vintage clarinet will come from the early 20th century or even the 19th century.

A number of clarinet experts are available who will give an unbiased opinion on the authenticity of a vintage clarinet. It is also a good idea to look at Internet forums in order to understand the features a vintage clarinet should have.

One should only buy from a reputable merchant who has photographs of other clarinets that he has sold. Although a vintage clarinet is unlikely to look shiny and new, it should be playable. The buyer should test the instrument before purchase to see that it works and should choose brands that are known on the market, guaranteeing that the clarinet will have a high quality vintage design.

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    • Vintage clarinets are highly sought after by musicians.
      By: bepsphoto
      Vintage clarinets are highly sought after by musicians.