What Are the Best Tips for Buying a Cheap Flute?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree
It may be a good idea to purchase a used top-quality flute.
It may be a good idea to purchase a used top-quality flute.

The best tips for buying a cheap flute are to buy it secondhand, ask a music teacher or other professional what brand to look for, and ensure the instrument comes with some sort of guarantee. Secondhand flutes can be just as good as new ones, with a lesser price tag and a few minor but cosmetic flaws. Music teachers and flute repairers typically know what brands and types of flutes are best, so someone new to flutes should start his or her search there. In addition, the flute should come with a money-back guarantee or at least insurance in case something goes wrong.

Purchasing a used flute can be a viable way of getting a quality instrument cheaply. Even a lightly damaged flute can be repaired easily if it is well made. It can be better to purchase such a flute than a brand-new low-quality flute. If a person is looking to purchase a used flute, it is useful to know what types of flute damage are expensive to repair and which types are cheap or unimportant. For example, minor dents to a metal flute do not effect performance at all.

As with most purchases, a buyer can benefit from getting the advice of a professional. Anyone who deals with flutes on a regular basis might know enough about reliable brands and what to look for in a cheap flute. Music teachers and instrument repair shops are usually good places to start. Even a flutist could probably point someone in the right direction by just recommending the flute he or she plays most and likes.

Generally, it is best to stay far away from sellers who do not offer a guarantee. No refunds under any circumstances should seem a bit suspicious. Reputable sellers might even offer insurance that covers the insurance for 30 to 90 days. There is no reason to risk being stuck with a cheap flute that does not work, because in the long run the buyer might end up losing money.

One dangerous pitfall of seeking a cheap flute is the possibility that the flute can be dangerous. If a flute is colored and made of a suspect material, the flute can be dangerous to handle and can even cause a person’s death. This makes it important that a flute seller is reputable and not selling potentially dangerous merchandise. Sometimes disreputable sellers offer unusually cheap musical instruments, claiming the items are repossessed property.

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A good way to find a cheap flute is to look through your local classified ads at the end of the school year. During this time, students who are either graduating, dropping out of band, or changing instruments sell those that they aren't using anymore.

You may find a flute from a band member in your area for a good price, and also get added benefit of buying it from someone who can tell you all about it. This way, you will know that it is safe and in good working condition.


@ocelot60- Maybe the article is referring to some kind of tainted metal. I guess that is why it is so important to make sure you are buying a safe flute when you are shopping around for a good deal.


I find it interesting that the article mentions that colored flutes can be potentially deadly to handle and use, but doesn't really say how this could happen. I'd like to know more about why and how a flute could be so dangerous, because I have a niece who plays flute in her high school band.

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    • It may be a good idea to purchase a used top-quality flute.
      By: evievee09
      It may be a good idea to purchase a used top-quality flute.