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What are the Best Tips for Building a do-It-Yourself Garage?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A do-it-yourself garage can be quite an undertaking, so proper planning is necessary before picking up a single tool. One should decide what kind of garage is needed, as well as how large of a structure will fit on the property. The materials available for a do-it-yourself garage are varied, and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make a list first of what the garage will be used for, how large it needs to be, and what kind of budget is available to build the garage. One should remember, too, that for many do-it-yourself garage projects, a concrete floor will have to be laid before construction of the garage structure begins.

For smaller do-it-yourself garage structures, a steel garage kit may be the best option. The trusses, support beams, sidewalls, and roofing are all pre-cut to specification, which means no cutting on-site is necessary. The base of the garage will need to be secured to a concrete slab, so before construction can begin, proper steps must be taken to pour a slab that will not crack or shift. This is a project in itself, and one should be sure to research the proper steps necessary to build a concrete slab. Once the concrete has been poured, one should be sure to let it cure for up to 48 hours.

Minor blemishes can be easily sanded out of a concrete floor.
Minor blemishes can be easily sanded out of a concrete floor.

Less permanent structures can be built without a concrete slab. A do-it-yourself garage that includes steel or aluminum framing with a canvas or vinyl covering requires no base at all, but it will have to be secured another way. Sometimes metal stakes are pounded into the ground and the covering is tied to the stakes, securing the unit to the ground. This type of garage can be disassembled easily, though it does not offer as much protection as a more permanent structure.

If aesthetic appeal is important, a wooden do-it-yourself garage kit may be the answer. It is relatively easy to build, though it will also require a concrete slab as a base. Step-by-step instructions often come with the kit, and it is important to read through these instructions thoroughly before construction begins. Some kits do not come with all the necessary hardware, and reading the instructions beforehand and verifying all parts are present will save the builder the hassle of having to stop during construction. Be sure to check local building codes and obtain the necessary permits before any construction begins.

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    • Minor blemishes can be easily sanded out of a concrete floor.
      By: csimagemakers
      Minor blemishes can be easily sanded out of a concrete floor.