What Are the Best Tips for Baking Haddock?

Misty Amber Brighton

Haddock is a type of white fish found off the Atlantic coast of Canada and the United States. When baking haddock, it is best to use fillets that are fresh rather than frozen. These should be placed in a deep casserole dish, and glass is preferred over metal. Adding melted butter and cracker crumbs to the fish will give the finished product a slightly crispy texture. This seafood should be baked in a moderate oven for around 30 minutes or until the fish or cracker mixture is lightly browned.

Over-cooking haddock can cause it to fall apart.
Over-cooking haddock can cause it to fall apart.

People who live in areas where this whitefish is found may be able to buy fresh fillets. Baking haddock when it is fresh will result in a better tasting finished product. If fresh haddock is unavailable, it is helpful to know if it was frozen at sea or several hours after it was caught. White fish that has been frozen at sea will have a fresher taste than haddock that was frozen at a later time.

Whether pan frying or baking haddock, it's important to cook it thoroughly.
Whether pan frying or baking haddock, it's important to cook it thoroughly.

It is important to have the right dish when baking this white fish. A rectangular casserole dish that is around nine inches (22.86 cm) wide and 13 inches (33.02 cm) long is a good choice. One made of glass is preferred over metal because glass tends to heat more evenly. The casserole dish used for baking haddock does not need to have a lid because this seafood is normally left uncovered while cooking.

This white fish can be rather bland unless some type of seasoning is used. Before baking haddock, many people like to sprinkle melted butter and crushed cracker crumbs over the top of the fish. Doing so tends to give this white fish a somewhat crispy texture. Squeezing a bit of lemon or lime juice or covering the seafood with white wine will also add flavor to this dish. People can add whatever spices they would like, and some popular choices are salt, pepper, or oregano.

It is important to cook this white fish thoroughly so people do not get sick when they consume it. When the haddock is done, the flesh will be lightly browned on the edges and hot completely through. If cracker crumbs are added when baking haddock, these should also be a light brown color. It normally takes around 30 minutes in a moderate oven for thawed fillets, and around 40 to 45 minutes for frozen haddock.

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I like baked stuffed haddock with lemon pepper on the outside. You can use just about any combination of chopped vegetables for the stuffing, which adds flavor to the dish.


My favorite recipe for baked haddock call for rubbing the fish with butter then sprinkling it with a variety of spices. Once baked, the haddock is moist and juicy with just the right flavor.

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