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What Are the Best mid-Length Haircuts for round Faces?

C. Webb
C. Webb

The best mid-length haircuts for round faces create an illusion that the faces are more oval shaped. It is important to consider several factors, including age and chin shape, when choosing mid-length haircuts for round faces. Layers, bangs, and bobs are good choices. In addition, teasing the hair to give it volume will help a round face look slimmer.

Layered hair frames the face. A mid-length layered cut gives depth to hair and reduces the focus on facial roundness. Layers should be evenly placed around the face. Wispy, whimsical, bangs can be added for a finished look.

Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.
Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.

Applying volume-creating hair products to mid-length hair creates the visual illusion that the face is slimmer. Such products can be used with layer cuts and bob cuts. The product should be used primarily on the top of the cut to lift the hair, which slims the appearance of the face.

A mid-length traditional bob cut also works well with a round face. The bob length should be longer in the front than at the neck. Longer hair in front visually draws the face shape down and gives it a more slender appearance. This style is easy to manage and can be worn during the day as well as for more sophisticated evening events.

Regardless of the cut, the best mid-length hairstyles fall at the shoulder or collarbone in length. Shorter hair visually adds weight to the face. Longer hair becomes too heavy to act as a facial frame.

A medium shag also flatters the round face. Shag layers cut all over the head gives the hair a look of volume. If a more formal look is desired, using a blow dryer to fluff it up all over and give it a wild, sexy look will also complement a round face.

Mid-length haircuts for round faces typically include making sure the hair is clean, well cut, and styled to create a slender-faced appearance. Lifestyles should also be considered when choosing mid-length haircuts for round faces. For the active person, a simple cut that takes little time to manage works best. If the wearer has time to style the hair each day, some of the more complicated styles can work. Ribbons, clips, and other accessories will dress up even the simplest styles.

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@ysmina-- Mid-length bob haircuts look very good on women with round faces. If you like asymmetrical haircuts, I recommend getting one side slightly longer than the other. It will make your face look oval. I have a mid-length bob asymmetrical haircut with long bangs. I also have a streak of color on one side so it makes my face look less round.

I love this haircut and I get compliments on it all the time. If you don't have straight hair, you might need to blow dry it straight or use a straightening iron. Because this haircut looks best when it's straight and sleek. Too much volume does not work well with this style.


I'm thinking of getting a bob haircut. I've never seen a mid-length bob haircut before, I hope it looks good on me.


I think the best mid-length haircut for a round face is a layered one with side bangs. I've been sporting this type of haircut for years and I think it suits me best. I have a very round, slightly chubby face. So I'm always trying to make my face look longer. I've tried different types of haircuts but a haircut that's just below the shoulder and with layers starting from the cheekbones or chin work best. But the trick is that the layers should be made with scissors and not a razor. Layers made with a razor look a little strange and cause a lot of flyaways. I also prefer side swept bangs because my forehead is small.

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    • Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.
      By: Christian Schwier
      Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.