What are the Best Methods for Rose Watering?

Amy Hunter

There are several effective methods of rose watering. Any method that provides the roses with sufficient water, and is easy for the gardener to maintain is a good method. Roses require between one and two inches (2.5-5 cm) of water each week for optimum conditions. Few areas receive this amount consistently, so supplemental watering is necessary. In addition to improving the appearance of your roses, having sufficient water will increase the roses' resistance to disease.

A red rose.
A red rose.

The easiest and least expensive method of rose watering is to water with a watering can. The problem with this method is that it can take a great deal of time, depending upon the number of plants one has. Areas that receive some rainfall, but still need supplemental watering may find this method convenient.

A yellow rose.
A yellow rose.

An affordable and low maintenance method of rose watering is to use a soaker hose. A soaker hose allows rose watering without the gardener remaining in attendance. It is also possible to spend more money at the garden store, and invest in a soil level waterer or a drip level irrigation system. These are much pricier options, but are a good choice for someone with limited time.

Over time it becomes easier to determine if the roses are receiving sufficient water, however, initially it may be necessary to stick a sharp spade into the ground near the rose plant to determine how deeply the water has penetrated. Roses grow best when their roots are between 12 and 18 inches deep. Deep, thorough rose watering encourages this, while more frequent, shallow watering encourages roots that grow close to the soil.

Regardless of the method chosen to water roses, spend time observing the plants to determine if they are receiving the proper amount of water. Roses that do not receive enough water have leaves that are dry and that appear fragile. Roses that are receiving too much water have leaves that turn yellow and fall off.

There is no set schedule for how often to water roses. In areas with a lot of wind and hot weather, the roses may require more than two inches (5 cm) of water a week. If the roses are mulched, they should not require nearly as much water. No matter what the watering schedule, watering early in the day provides the best results. This way, the water can soak into the soil before evaporating in the heat of the day, and any water splashed onto the leaves has a chance to dry before nightfall. Leaves that remain wet overnight are much more likely to develop fungal diseases than leaves that are dry.

A bouquet of roses.
A bouquet of roses.

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