What are the Best Maternity Costume Ideas?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
A chef with a "bun in the oven" is a popular maternity costume.
A chef with a "bun in the oven" is a popular maternity costume.

The best Halloween or other maternity costume ideas are those that are simple as well as fun and comfortable to wear. Anything that plays up the rounded shape of pregnancy can often be turned into a great costume idea. There are maternity costume rental options as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) possibilities. A belly dancer, bride, pumpkin, bumble bee, cow, baker and Christmas tree ornament are some of the best maternity costumes to consider.

Pumpkin costumes are extremely popular for pregnant women.
Pumpkin costumes are extremely popular for pregnant women.

The Christmas tree ornament maternity costume idea is flexible in that the clothing worn can be almost anything old and no longer needed; an elaborate amount of beads sewn onto the outfit is the main focus. A silky shirt with pants in a matching color works well, but any pieces in similar colors will do. Thrift store strings of beads or garlands of metallic Christmas "pearls" can be sewn onto the clothing to drape attractively or appear as a fringed look. Clear fishing line tends to be best for tacking the necklaces in place at intervals on the garments, as it won't show. The key to the costume is designing a head piece that looks like the hanger on a Christmas ornament; cardboard painted silver with some wire formed into a loop on the top can be used.

For purchased maternity costumes, a baker's outfit with "bun in the oven" written on the apron is popular. A white top, pants, apron and chef's hat form this maternity costume. A cow suit with udders that fit over the belly is another popular type of costume for a pregnant woman. A bumble bee and pumpkin are costume ideas that could be either purchased or made at home. The bumble bee outfit can be as simple as a black and yellow striped top, leggings and a hairband with two pipe cleaners attached to it.

Pumpkin costumes for pregnant women are very common, but also can be done in different ways. A cape with a printed picture of a jack-o-lantern may be worn, or the bare belly may be painted with face paints. Of course this latter maternity costume idea is usually best for indoors rather than chilly weather conditions.

A great tip to remember when searching for maternity costumes from rental or Halloween shops is to also check the plus size selection. Oftentimes, these larger costumes will fit women in different stages of pregnancy. Some examples of plus size options that may make a good maternity costume are bride or belly dancer looks.

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In college, I knew a girl who dressed as a pregnant nun for her Halloween costume one year. I thought that was kind of crazy, but it's true that you could be any number of things and just happen to be pregnant. I for one would not want to be a pumpkin, it just seems so common.


@Sara007 - I really like the idea of adult Halloween costumes for women that really showcase the belly without letting it all hang out. I know for myself that I like to show off my belly when I get the chance, but not in an overt way.

Does anyone have any other good maternity Halloween costumes ideas?

I am always looking for new Halloween costume ideas because it is by far my favorite holiday. Nothing is more fun than dressing up as something out of the ordinary. I think a witch with a "crystal ball" might be fun. I'd have to take a vote though on what the future should hold.


There are so many maternity Halloween costumes available online that you really don't have to restrict yourself to being a pumpkin, or something equally round. I see now reason why you can't be as creative as you like and wear things that actually flatter your new figure.

Some of my favorite maternity costumes for Halloween included fairy costumes and pirate costumes. I love that they can be modified to hide your growing belly if you want, or display it. With the fairy costume I would choose one that had a translucent belly portion that added a bit of sparkle to my midsection. I figured I was covered, yet still clearly on display as it were.

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    • A chef with a "bun in the oven" is a popular maternity costume.
      By: dp3010
      A chef with a "bun in the oven" is a popular maternity costume.
    • Pumpkin costumes are extremely popular for pregnant women.
      By: DN6
      Pumpkin costumes are extremely popular for pregnant women.