What Are the Best Ideas for Vase Centerpieces?

Patti Kate

When arranging vase centerpieces, it is a good idea to focus on a particular theme. Special occasions may suggest specific themes. For a birthday, a vase that is personalized with the date is one nice idea. Vase centerpieces for weddings might include more elaborate pieces, with a picture of the bride and groom inserted into a crystal vase photo holder. Vase centerpieces for dinner parties might not be as unique, but they can still be decorative and colorful.

A vase of flowers.
A vase of flowers.

Other than anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays, annual holidays often call for a festive touch to the table. Vase centerpieces for Christmas may include a red or green crystal or glass vase. Poinsettias make a lovely table centerpiece at Christmastime as well. Caution should be used not to place these plants within the reach of small children or pets, however.

Valentine's Day centerpieces may be created with red roses.
Valentine's Day centerpieces may be created with red roses.

For a Thanksgiving centerpiece, it's easy to decorate a vase with festive accessories. Placing several cinnamon sticks along with a handful of cranberries in a tall vase makes a nice accent piece. Floating potpourri that smells like apples and cinnamon or spice can be added.

Pink roses may be used for elegant vase centerpieces.
Pink roses may be used for elegant vase centerpieces.

Valentine's Day vase centerpieces can be created with the romantic allure of fresh roses. For something more unique, a different variety other than traditional red roses may be used. Yellow or pink roses in a clear glass or crystal vase will look simple yet elegant. Mini roses in a small vase are perfect for an intimate setting on a small table for two.

Imagination and creativity can help turn an otherwise ordinary dinner table into something fun and exotic. An ordinary dinner of Chinese take-out can inspire an Asian themed table setting. Bamboo stalks, which are relatively inexpensive and need minimal care, can be placed in any glass vase with a little bit of water. Bamboo is considered to be good luck, making this centerpiece even more welcome.

Homemade vase centerpieces can be made with everyday items found around the home. Pearls, beads, buttons, and lace are some essentials needed to decorate a centerpiece vase. For children's projects, or for decorating a child's birthday party table, creating a lollipop vase centerpiece can be a fun idea. Another edible vase centerpiece that is appropriate for a child's birthday party might include a giant chocolate bar centerpiece or a vase filled with colorful gum drops. Balloon vase centerpieces are always appropriate for children's parties, especially those personalized with the child's name and age.

Tropical flowers like orchids and lilies in a glass vase make a great centerpiece.
Tropical flowers like orchids and lilies in a glass vase make a great centerpiece.

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@bythewell - That's a good idea. I find if you have several tables to cover, it's best to try and be creative, but deliberate so that it turns out looking good.

One of the tricks I would use is buying a bunch of cheap vases for centerpieces and then finding something to fill them. Maybe that crystal soil you can get at garden stores, for example, that comes in different colors. Or maybe shells, or sand.

I find a good way to get inspired is to have a look at a bunch of flower arrangement books at the library. Even just a half hour flicking through a bunch of them will give you all kinds of ideas of what you can do for different occasions.


One idea for a cheap centerpiece, if you have lots of tables you need to cover, is to go out and find a field with some nice looking flowers and use those. I know that sounds easier said than done, but people often walk right past wild flowers without really seeing them.

If you concentrate them together in a bunch, and maybe tie it with a piece of rough twine or flax to give it a rustic feel, they can actually turn out quite stunning and for much, much cheaper than if you had bought them from a flower arrangers.

Better yet, take the kids out to the field and let them have fun with it. They'll come up with more creative combinations than you would dare to!


One of the most beautiful centerpieces I've ever seen was actually part of the table. A friend of mine had a boyfriend who was interested in working with concrete and he had made her a gorgeous dark red concrete table, smoothed to a satiny finish on the top, with depressions for a centerpiece.

She said that sometimes they fill it with sand, or smooth stones and shells, or flower arrangements, but while we were there for dinner they had filled them with water and set little candles floating on top, along with a couple of flowers.

It was like the table had a built in vase, and I found it absolutely enchanting. It made me wish I was more handy with making things like that myself!

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