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What Are the Best Bacon Gifts?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

Many people greatly enjoy bacon, making bacon gifts both a safe and often appreciated selection for birthdays and holidays. When choosing bacon gifts, it is always a good idea to first determine whether the individual actually likes or eats bacon, as some individuals may not consume it due to religious restrictions or dietary choices. When one determines that bacon would be a welcome gift, one should establish a budget and then seek out either the best bacon that one can find or find clever bacon related items or even some bacon gag gifts, depending on the purpose of the gift. In many cases, making gift baskets may be the most warmly received as they can contain quality bacon products along with some fun, non-edible bacon items.

When purchasing baking gifts for somebody who truly enjoys good bacon, a nice gesture is to seek out producers of artisan bacon. These producers often make bacon of very high quality which would be much appreciated by a serious bacon lover. Be aware that some of these small producers have a waiting list for their products, so it may be essential to start the search early in order to secure the bacon in time for gift giving. Another option is to contact local gourmet markets and butcher shops to find out about the availability of any artisan bacons that they may carry. if you find it difficult to procure artisan bacon in time for the gift giving occasion, ask about the possibility of getting a gift certificate which you can present to the gift recipient.

Bacon-flavored products have become popular as gifts.
Bacon-flavored products have become popular as gifts.

Some companies produce a variety of foodstuffs that contain bacon. These can include bacon spreads and jams, bacon chocolates and candies and even alcoholic beverages. These can make wonderful bacon gifts, particularly for someone who truly loves bacon and likes to eat it in many different forms. Another option might be a cookbook of bacon recipes.

Other bacon gifts can include bacon-themed stationary, magnets and even air fresheners. For someone who is truly a lover of bacon, specialized cookware for bacon preparation might be very appreciated. These can include bacon cooking racks for stoves and microwave ovens. Bacon-themed serving platters may also be appreciated. When putting together a bacon gift basket, consider a mix of the different types of bacon gifts perhaps adorned with pig or bacon ornaments along pig-themed wrapping paper or packing tissue.

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@pleonasm - If you want to get something unusual for a bacon lover try getting candied bacon strips or even making them yourself. I was quite suspicious about this recipe when I first heard about it, especially since there have been so many silly bacon gag gifts around recently, but they are quite delicious.

I am actually quite fond of bacon and banana pancakes, so I should have known that bacon can go quite well with maple syrup and candied bacon has basically been crisped with either syrup or chocolate or some other kind of sweet added to it.

The sweet and the salty are very nice, although I think it should probably be classified as being a candy rather than a meat product. It doesn't last long enough in my house to be given as gifts though because it gets eaten.


@bythewell - If I had a friend that was that fond of bacon I would steer clear of the novelty bacon gifts altogether and just get them a premium bacon hamper of some kind. I can't imagine something more annoying than being given multiple gifts that smell or look like something I enjoy eating, without actually being given that something to eat.

The only difficulty would be negotiating expiry dates, since bacon doesn't last forever and it's competing with a lot of other meat types during holiday season.


This is the kind of gift that could either be very appreciated, or not at all, particularly if you are getting a bacon gag gift, like bacon ice-cream or bubblegum. There are some people who simply won't understand the point of a gift like that (often people who aren't hip to internet memes) and there are other people who might actually get sick of getting too many bacon themed gifts.

If you know the person well and know they'll appreciate the joke, then go for it by all means. But if it's someone who is well known for loving bacon remember that everyone who doesn't know them well enough to get them something else, is going to go for the same joke and that can eventually get old for even the most devoted bacon fan.

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    • Bacon-flavored products have become popular as gifts.
      By: Kelpfish
      Bacon-flavored products have become popular as gifts.
    • For those who enjoy cooking bacon, a bacon press, which ensures the bacon remains flat while cooking, could make an excellent gift.
      By: Dani Simmonds
      For those who enjoy cooking bacon, a bacon press, which ensures the bacon remains flat while cooking, could make an excellent gift.