What Are the Benefits of Washroom Hand Dryers?

Rhonda Rivera
Rhonda Rivera
Installing hand dryers can cut down on the number of trees needed to make paper towels.
Installing hand dryers can cut down on the number of trees needed to make paper towels.

Some benefits of using washroom hand dryers are reducing the odds of vandalism, saving money and trees, and having to spend less time maintaining the washroom. With no paper towels, potential vandals will have to be more creative than clogging the sinks and toilets. The elimination of paper towels also means the business no longer spends money on these one-use items. In addition, a business can redirect its employees attentions elsewhere when it comes to some usual washroom maintenance procedures because hand dryers require little upkeep. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not certain whether hand dryers leave less bacteria on the hands than paper towels.

By using washroom hand dryers instead of paper towels, a business can save trees and help the environment. The business can also reduce the amount of vandalism in its washrooms, because there will be no paper towels to clog toilets or sinks with. In addition, washroom hand dryers typically do not have many immediately accessible parts to break, so they may not be as vulnerable as conventional paper towel holders.

Washroom hand dryers can save a business a significant amount of money. Replacing paper towels with efficient dryers means not having to buy towels, and the dryers themselves can cost very little to operate every year. The main concern about cost is usually the upfront cost of purchasing and installing the dryer, especially if there is no electrical outlet located in the washroom. Most businesses recoup the initial costs quickly, however.

Using washroom hand dryers instead of paper towels can lead to less time maintaining the washroom. There is no need to periodically ensure the availability of paper towels or partially take apart the paper towel holder to restock it, so employees can spend that time elsewhere. While washroom hand dryers are not completely without maintenance needs, they do not have to be refilled and typically come with a decade or longer guarantee to cover some or all repair costs, if one should break. In fact, some hand dryer manufacturers claim that, even if not regularly maintained, the machines have a lifespan of at least 20 years and can last even longer with proper care.

One often-touted benefit of hand dryers is their potential to decrease bacteria on the hands. This is an unproven theory; some studies show that hand dryers actually increase bacteria, while others show the opposite. Until more extensive and reliable studies take place, the anti-bacterial benefits of hand dryers remains in debate.

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@Lostnfound -- I've seen those everywhere, and they work fine -- as long as the motion sensor works. I've had to touch the sensor to get the dryer to turn on, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a "touchless" air dryer to start with.

I like paper towels. I generally use only one or two, if they're big enough, and I think they dry my hands just as thoroughly and with not as much hassle. Unless, of course, the dispenser is motion activated and that motion sensor doesn't work, either. It happens all too frequently, unfortunately.


One of the newer kinds of bathroom hand dryers is the touchless kind. You don't have to hit a button. I'm assuming it's motion activated. There's one model in particular that blows so hard it makes your skin ripple! I know most people have seen those. They're becoming very common. I'm seeing them everywhere now.

I do prefer these because you don't have to touch a button. I've been accustomed to hitting the button with my elbow. No telling what's on that button's surface. The very thought is disgusting. Yuck. And if you're going to tear off some toweling to use to hit the button, might as well dry your hands on the paper towels.

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    • Installing hand dryers can cut down on the number of trees needed to make paper towels.
      By: didecs
      Installing hand dryers can cut down on the number of trees needed to make paper towels.