What Are the Benefits of Vitamin Therapy for Acne?

Angela Farrer

Benefits of vitamin therapy for acne often include higher rates of skin cell turnover, improved immune system function, and better resistance to the harmful bacteria responsible for acne breakouts. Some sufferers choose vitamin therapy for acne through diet changes while others prefer a regimen of daily vitamin supplements. Common acne-fighting vitamins include vitamin D, folic acid, beta carotene, and certain B vitamins. Many people who try vitamin therapy for acne report that they experience fewer blemishes and reduced acne scarring as long as they stick with this nutritional regimen for a certain length of time.

A close up of acne.
A close up of acne.

Vitamin D can help improve acne by balancing out the hormone irregularities that can lead to breakouts particularly in teenagers. Many skin-care specialists offer acne-fighting facials that include blue light therapy with high concentrations of vitamin D. This vitamin D option for acne is often considered safer and more beneficial than sun-tanning because some people with light complexions can easily suffer further skin damage from the sun's ultra violet (UV) rays. Foods such as salmon, tuna, and eggs are also good sources of vitamin D for acne therapy.

Vitamin therapy may help reduce acne scarring.
Vitamin therapy may help reduce acne scarring.

Adding folic acid to a diet can often help reduce the number of acne blemishes by promoting new cell growth. As newer skin cells replace older ones, the older cells can be exfoliated more easily with a daily skin care regimen. This benefit of folic acid can lower the chances of dead skin flakes becoming trapped in the pores and causing acne blemishes.

Blue light therapy can help clear up acne.
Blue light therapy can help clear up acne.

Beta carotene is another beneficial option when it comes to vitamin therapy for acne. The body naturally converts this nutrient into vitamin A, which contributes to skin cell health as well. This nutrient usually helps increase the skin's resistance to harmful environmental toxin exposure that is often responsible for free radical formation. Free radicals in acne-prone skin frequently contribute to the inflammation in many blemish outbreaks, and healthy levels of vitamin A can counteract this problem. Since large supplies of vitamin A in the body can have harmful side effects, physicians often caution against megadosing with beta carotene supplements.

Vitamins such as B5 and B6 are also beneficial as vitamin therapy for acne. Regular doses of vitamin B5 supplements can sometimes lower excess sebum secretions and even shrink enlarged pores that are prone to acne blemishes. Vitamin B6 can help with blemish healing in some people, although some medical researchers report that large doses of B6 and B5 supplements can sometimes interfere with one another's function and make some cases of acne worse.

Vitamin D helps balance hormone irregularities that can cause acne.
Vitamin D helps balance hormone irregularities that can cause acne.

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Vitamins are definitely beneficial for acne prone skin. I've personally had good results with vitamin A, D and C.

The issue is that, initially after starting vitamin therapy, it causes breakouts for a while. I think as the skin renews, the bacteria underneath comes up to the top. So I had more acne the first several weeks of vitamin therapy. This can discourage many people and cause them to stop taking vitamins. But I knew this would happen so I kept taking them and eventually my skin started to clear up.

It's important to be patient and continue with the therapy to get the most benefits.


@turquoise-- I've been taking beta carotene for the past month. I definitely see an improvement with my skin although I'm not sure if it's the beta carotene or fish oil or both.

I heard that it's not good to take too much vitamin A directly, it's better to take beta carotene and let the body convert it to vitamin A.

Fish oil is also very beneficial for skin because it has omega 3. Omega 3 supports the immune system and makes skin, nails and hair healthier.


Has anyone tried vitamin A therapy for their acne? What was your experience?

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