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What Are the Benefits of Aloe Vera for the Hair?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

There are a number of benefits in choosing to use aloe vera for the hair. To begin with, it is believed to have the ability to make the hair more manageable and to significantly improve its appearance. The plant, known for its moisturizing properties, is used by some to relieve dandruff and dry scalp. Furthermore, aloe vera has also been reported as an effective remedy for hair loss. To experience these benefits, it is best to apply aloe vera or products containing it to the hair at least two to three times per week.

Using aloe vera for the hair is believed to provide many of the same benefits as using a good conditioner. Aloe is a vitamin-rich plant and, as such, it is considered an ideal choice for those who want to add shine and luster to their hair. Just as application of aloe vera has a reputation for softening skin, those same benefits may be experienced when it is applied to the hair. Collectively, these benefits have led individuals to conclude that aloe vera makes hair more manageable.

Aloe vera shampoo.
Aloe vera shampoo.

To reap these benefits, an individual is advised to wash her hair with a homemade or commercial shampoo containing aloe vera. Additional benefits can also be experienced by using aloe vera juice as a leave-in conditioner. For maximum effects, individuals are encouraged to leave the juice on the hair overnight.

Aloe vera for the hair has also developed a reputation as being good for addressing certain problems. These include dry scalp and dandruff. It also includes using the plant as a treatment for hair loss. The enzymes that are in aloe vera are believed to promote growth. To deal with these problems, it is suggested that a person apply either raw aloe vera from a fresh plant or aloe vera gel directly to the scalp in the troubled areas. This should be done in addition to washing the hair with products containing the plant.

Aloe vera may be helpful in treating dandruff.
Aloe vera may be helpful in treating dandruff.

Individuals who are suffering from hair loss but who do not know why should visit a physician before using aloe vera as a solution. While many people have reported positive results from using aloe vera for the hair in instances of hair loss, it is important to first determine why the problem is occurring. There is a possibility that an individual may be suffering from a serious condition, such as a vitamin deficiency, and the plant may not be an effective remedy. Once the determination is made and aloe vera treatment begins, however, it is wise to help boost the plant's benefits by drinking aloe vera juice in addition to the other measures.

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    • Aloe vera shampoo.
      By: volff
      Aloe vera shampoo.
    • Aloe vera may be helpful in treating dandruff.
      By: Jasmin Merdan
      Aloe vera may be helpful in treating dandruff.
    • Aloe vera can be taken as a supplement in juice form.
      By: joanna wnuk
      Aloe vera can be taken as a supplement in juice form.