What are the Basics of Freezer Repair?

Ron Marr

The best method of freezer repair lies in providing the regular maintenance that forgoes the need for repair. As a point of fact, if a freezer is damaged to the point that repairs are required, the best course of action is to contact a qualified freezer technician. One is dealing with an array or coils filled with coolant, condensers, and electricity. Freezer repair is not a task suited for the average individual, and many times it is less expensive to replace a freezer than to repair it.

A refrigerator with a bottom freezer.
A refrigerator with a bottom freezer.

However, properly maintaining a freezer should allow it to operate in perfect condition for many years. Freezer maintenance is far preferable to freezer repair, and best of all, it is simple. A few minutes of periodic attention will virtually assure that the freezer runs at peak efficiency, saving energy, money, and keeping frozen foods at the proper temperature.

It is important to switch off the electrical breaker before beginning freezer repair.
It is important to switch off the electrical breaker before beginning freezer repair.

Before maintenance even begins, one should consider the placement of the freezer. Never place a freezer near a heat source, such as a stove, oven, or dryer. Placing it near windows, where it will be in the path of direct sunlight, is also a bad idea. Heat will force the freezer to work harder, increasing electrical costs. If the heat is great enough, the freezer will constantly operate at full capacity, which can eventually lead to a shorter life span of its various mechanisms.

One should also leave adequate space behind a freezer, rather than pushing it tight against a wall. This ensures good air flow. Further, one should regularly check the seals around the freezer door, making certain there are no cracks or gaps that will permit cold air to escape. One can replace the seals themselves if such seems to be the only problem. Simply find the model number of the freezer, and order the seals either online of through a local appliance store.

One of the most important ways to avoid freezer repair is to occasionally vacuum the condenser coils. The coils are located at the back of the freezer, or sometimes at the bottom. These coils will collect an amazing amount of airborne dirt, hair, and debris, and failing to regularly remove this inevitable coating of grime will over-tax the condenser.

Most refrigerator freezers are now frost-free, eliminating the need for defrosting. The same cannot be said about chest freezers, the vast majority of which do require defrosting. It is a good idea to defrost a chest freezer at least once a year, as the interior build-up of frost and ice will lead to inefficiency. In the long term, it could very well also lead to the need for freezer repair.

A refrigerator's coils should be regularly dusted.
A refrigerator's coils should be regularly dusted.

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