What Are the Advantages of Speech Recognition?

Felicia Dye

Some of the most notable advantages of speech recognition include the fact that it can allow physically disabled students and workers to complete tasks on computers. It can also make other computer users more efficient by reducing human error and improving their ability to multi-task. Businesses with customer service hotlines benefit from this type of technology because it allows them to engage their clients without a live representative, which can improve the experience for callers and reduce costs for the business.

Speech recognition makes it easier to transfer notes from paper to a digital file.
Speech recognition makes it easier to transfer notes from paper to a digital file.

One of the most notable advantages of speech recognition is that it can be highly beneficial for handicapped students. In many cases, when students have physical disabilities, tasks that involve using a computer require the assistance of a second person. Computers are playing an increasingly central role in education, and speech recognition can eliminate what is likely to become a growing challenge for handicapped students.

Speech recognition software allows companies to collect information without human intervention.
Speech recognition software allows companies to collect information without human intervention.

Similarly, there are advantages of speech recognition with regard to allowing physically disabled people more work opportunities. There are extremely intelligent and skilled individuals whose limitations using computers can make them less attractive to employers. The ability to use computers through voice commands instead of physical operation can allow more of these individuals to become valuable contributions to the labor force.

Speech recognition can also result in a higher level of efficiency. Human error is common problem when people compose documents, for example. When using voice command software, words are spelled correctly as long as they are recognized, eliminating the need for additional time to revise for misspelling. Speech recognition can allow documents to be created faster because the software generally produces words as fast as they are spoken, which is generally much faster than a person can type. This type of software can also be a tool that improves a person's ability to multi-task.

Another of the business advantages of speech recognition is that it can allow companies to collect information without human intervention. Many businesses employ it as a tool on their customer service hotlines. Instead of having callers remain idly on hold while agents are busy, speech recognition software allows them to input information such as the reason for their call and their account number, which can help to expedite their experiences and reduce the amount of time a representative needs to spend with each caller. In some cases, this technology can completely eliminate the need for callers to interact with a live representative. This reduces businesses' labor costs by often allowing them to reduce the size of the staff on duty.

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@umbra21 - I guess that happens with all technology at first. There are always a few bumps along the way. But I think they use speech recognition technology because it's more inclusive than anything else. If you are calling someone on the phone it's generally because you can hear and speak to them.


@irontoenail - There are some really good speech recognition programs out there, but I don't see why every single company in the world thinks they are the right way to go with their call lines. I mean, I know that sometimes people aren't using touch tone phones (although most phones seem to have that these days) but the voice recognition thing works so badly in my experience it should be a last resort rather than what they expect you to use.

I almost always end up having to go to the operator because I can't get the thing to understand me. If they would just ask me to push a number for a particular option it would be done in a few seconds.


I was shocked at how good voice recognition can be if you get the right programs and use them consistently. It took a few days to really get to the point where it was working well, but after that it was just like talking to a secretary that was noting everything down.

It is a little bit strange to see what things you say differently to the average population and which words it had trouble with and sometimes I find myself speaking with strange emphasis even when I'm not dictating, but that's a small price to pay.

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