What are the Advantages of Online Elementary School?

J. Beam

Technology has advanced many industries including education. With access to a computer and the internet, all levels of education are now available online from elementary school to college. While many people don’t think twice about the advantages of taking online college courses, online K-12 education has just begun to be tapped. While choosing the right education for a child is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, there are a few advantages to online elementary school.

Elementary school is available online.
Elementary school is available online.

Two of the primary advantages of any type of internet schooling are scheduling and location. For families living in urban districts where overcrowding may be an issue, or families living in rural districts where classrooms are far from home, online schooling can provide an entirely different atmosphere and family dynamic by keeping children home. In fact, families who have chosen homeschooling from the beginning often find that online elementary school is their best solution because it typically provides access to a certified teacher and pre-designed curriculum while still taking place at home.

Online schooling can allow children to work at a pace that suits them.
Online schooling can allow children to work at a pace that suits them.

Though there are several options available for enrollment in an online elementary school, most programs offer basic classes that give children the opportunity to progress at their own pace. This can be an advantage to children who have difficulty performing in traditional classroom environments. Some children have difficulty keeping up, while others require fast-paced, challenging instruction to keep them engaged. Online education often provides solutions to children who are struggling in school because of academic issues, as well as those struggling with social and developmental issues as well.

Online elementary school offerings may help students who have difficulties learning in a traditional classroom environment.
Online elementary school offerings may help students who have difficulties learning in a traditional classroom environment.

Though the obvious advantages — including working at an individual pace, avoiding social and demographic complications, and tailored schedules — entice some families to choose online education, it isn’t for every one. There are disadvantages, too, and both sides should be carefully examined before committing your child to an online elementary school.

Online elementary schools can help children become fluent in technology from an early age.
Online elementary schools can help children become fluent in technology from an early age.

Many online programs are chartered programs, funded by state education dollars, and therefore available tuition free. Others may be privately operated and require tuition. Some school districts even make online education an alternative option available through a child’s school, though usually not until high school. You can ask your child’s school guidance or academic councilor about alternative options.

Parents who choose an online education for their children can save money on expensive school supplies.
Parents who choose an online education for their children can save money on expensive school supplies.

Before enrolling your child in an online elementary school, be sure to investigate all available options and school choices. Also remember that a commitment must be made by a parent or caregiver to remain available throughout the child’s school day to help with assignments and computer issues, even though they will be assigned a “virtual” teacher. Make sure to pay attention to any system requirements and necessary equipment and supplies required by the school. Online schooling requires a learning curve for parents as well as their children, but has proven to be a viable option for many parents.

Online elementary school may allow the child to build a stronger relationship with her parent.
Online elementary school may allow the child to build a stronger relationship with her parent.

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The child can learn how to deal with tough situations out the public school. Recess is only for a short time. During the classroom the teacher does not focus on social skills only on her teaching and if a child gets distracted or talkative he is sent out to time out right away because he is interrupting or he gets separated right away to work on his own.

A lot of times schools do not report to the parents everything that happens in the school because of the lack of their time. In the playground kids are learning a lot of aggressive video games and playing unsafe. Sometimes they even get hurt but they do not remember to tell his parents at home until he gets a headache because of the injury.


The dad who wants "socialization" is a lazy dad. I take my son to play golf, and he has great golf buddies. Birds of a feather flock together. He is not so much into baseball, basketball and soccer. So who cares? Out of thousands of people, how many do you really connect to? Very few. We must seek out friends who are similar to us.

The socialization in school is forced socialization that usually is frustrating. What parent puts himself/herself through that? Public schools are a failure in this country, and any caring parent should be concerned. Best to get your kid out of the failed system and go for broke. Move him or her along at the fastest pace possible and hope that you can achieve success in what will be a more competitive world in the future.

There are billions of Chinese, Indonesians, etc., etc., working hard to eat your lunch. And you'd better be prepared to survive in what will be a difficult, competitive and technical environment of the future.


As a parent of a first grader, I was shocked to see what actually goes on in the classroom. My son was having difficulties so I asked if I could sit in and see what is going on.

I got to observe first hand that the teacher is constantly preparing them for the next test. I voiced my concerns with my sister, who is a substitute teacher in another state, and she said it is the same there and it is all due to the NCLB (No child left behind). The teacher is constantly drilling and testing math and English with little time for anything else. Recess is a thing of the past. No parties allowed. You can send in non food treats for birthdays, but they frown upon it.

My son hates school and now I know why. My husband is totally against the home schooling idea (the reason being "socialization"). Well, my son is often prevented from talking with the two boys he does like, because it distracts him and the parents of those boys are too busy to get together outside of school. I have been talking with moms who home school their kids and it really sounds wonderful. Teaching kids at their own pace and not scripted teaching. Public school is an entirely different animal than what it used to be, and it's not good. All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.


I am tired unto death of reading post after post of individuals concerned about the 'socializing' that children supposedly miss because they don't attend public school! The only socializing my son has missed out on, since we began virtual schooling, is the constant bullying teasing and the "Lord of the Flies" atmosphere that occurs every single recess. That kind of socialization, we can do without.

Oh, and between sleepovers with true friends, acting classes, tumbling classes and the myriad people he meets on our many outings, he hardly has the time to miss the cretins in the schoolyard!


Some children are naturally prone to be more social and others not. Those who are seek out anyone and everyone to talk to and those who don't will always work at it through life having more or less of a struggle depending on their confidence level and if they are shy or just enjoyably reserved.

Socializing in school is nothing more than talking to the other kids about what you like and finding out what they do, no skills are taught. In the library you can take out books on how to better communicate with people. And the people skills in those books are not taught at public schools. Those who have it are "popular" so to speak, and the shy ones get teased, never taught.

Socializing in school is becoming a problem with my oldest daughter's progress because she is always upset that no one else in class ever listens. She's smart and wants to learn but is being held back because the teacher spends more time disciplining or taking away privileges, and therefore I do see the benefit to this program. I also understand how it is not for everyone, but if socialization is always the biggest argument over a homeschool/online school setting, then I feel homeschoolers have a far better argument on public schools.

No parent looking out for the best interest of their kid is going to keep their kid locked up in the house every day and not give them some sort of opportunity to meet others. We may shelter them away from certain people, but if I'm not mistaken, parents of public schoolers generally try to do that as well to keep their kids from following the wrong crowd.


If you have any experience with homeschool you would understand that a child can be just as socialized as a student that goes to public or private school. There are support groups where parents get together and the children socialize as well as in some states, the extracurricular activities within the school system itself. There are classes from languages to gymnastics and everything in between.

While I do believe that this is important. It is more important for a child to be more well rounded than is allowed in a public school setting. Children can learn at a more rapid pace without being held back so that an overextended teaching staff can keep up.


i think online elementary schools are a wonderful idea. yes socialization is important, but for a lot of schools now that is exactly what it is -- just a place to socialize.

the children are not learning, they are skipping class, being disruptive in class, fights, cursing the teachers and principals out. school is no longer the school i use to know, and i plan on pulling my daughter out quick, fast and in a hurry. sure some may say it's up to the parents to be a positive influence in their child's life, but I'm sure we all know that friends have just as much as and influence if not more than the parent.

i do believe that there are a few good schools, but most of them seem more like little jungles. if my child can be in a safer environment like home and get a quality education at home, well then, I'm all for it.


@ Submariner- I agree that kids need to socialize, but in some instances an online school may be the best option. It may cost too much to send a child from a rough neighborhood to a different school district.

A free online elementary school can cost less, and may offer a student a better opportunity to learn. Some school systems are just bad, and online elementary schools offer students an opportunity to learn what they should. In these cases, it is up to the parents to make sure they socialize their child. Education is cumulative, so early success is crucial to future educational success.


I have never heard of an online elementary school, but I can't see them benefiting students as much as traditional classroom. Online colleges are one thing. Modern students often have to work, and they have already learned to socialize and network.

Online elementary students, on the other hand, are missing out on learning important social skills. Elementary school children learn all of their social skills as well as basic math, science, and grammar. In my opinion, online elementary students miss out on the social aspects of elementary school. I agree that some schools are rough, but learning how to deal with tough situations is a god life lesson. Besides, if the school is too rough there are always other options. I just believe that a kid needs to learn to cooperate with other kids, or he or she will have trouble later on, regardless of how smart he or she is.

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