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What are the Advantages of a Leather High Chair?

Anna T.
Anna T.

The advantages of a leather high chair might include attractive appearance, comfort, and easy clean-up. High chairs with leather padding might also be less likely to tear or rip than chairs with vinyl padding, which means that, overall, leather high chairs could last longer. Some types of plastic high chairs with leather padding are also less expensive than wooden high chairs. People who are interested in buying leather high chairs might want to make sure that the chairs they buy have padding that is actually made of genuine leather because there are many types of vinyl that are made to look like leather.

Most types of leather high chairs are made of either wood or plastic with leather padding attached to the back and seat. High chairs made of plastic with leather padding might be less expensive than high chairs made of wood with leather padding. A leather high chair might also have a removable seat pad that is made entirely of leather. Many people prefer the seats with removable pads because they are typically easier to clean thoroughly than seats with pads attached. In most cases, the seat pad can be taken off and wiped clean, and the area under the seat pad can also be wiped clean of crumbs and other food debris.

Doctor with a baby
Doctor with a baby

Even though leather high chairs are generally better quality than high chairs with vinyl padding, care should be taken to make sure that there are no special cleaning instructions for the leather. In most cases, a leather high chair can be wiped clean with a damp rag, but some types of leather require special care. If cleaning a leather high chair means using leather cleaner or polish, some parents may think the upkeep would be more trouble than it's worth because high chairs become dirty so often. High chairs that are covered in expensive leather may need to be avoided if it is going to be difficult to keep the chair as clean as what would be necessary to prolong the life of the leather.

If parents are searching specifically for a leather high chair, they should check all tags and labels on prospective chairs to make sure they are actually leather. Sometimes less expensive high chairs are covered in vinyl that looks very similar to leather, and it would likely be easy to mistakenly purchase a vinyl-covered chair believing it was leather. Most genuine leather products come with labels proclaiming that the product is 100-percent genuine, and high chairs are typically no exception to this rule.

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    • Doctor with a baby
      Doctor with a baby