What are the Advantages of a Cedar Deck?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Cedar is attractive and resistant to water damage and insect infestations.
Cedar is attractive and resistant to water damage and insect infestations.

The most obvious advantage of a cedar deck becomes apparent to anyone who sees the finished product: cedar is a naturally beautiful wood that needs no staining or painting to enhance its visual appeal. A cedar deck is a great addition to any home to improve the aesthetic of the house or yard. Beyond looks, however, cedar is a great choice of decking material because it is also naturally resistant to weather damage such as UV exposure, rot from moisture, mold build-up, and mildewing. It is further resistant to bug infestations and warping, meaning the cedar deck will require less overall maintenance than decks made from other materials.

Cedar is a lightweight wood as well, meaning it will be easier to work with during construction. Unlike other types of woods generally used for decking, cedar will not absorb a significant amount of moisture, even when left untreated, so building a cedar deck as opposed to a pine deck will mean less cost in terms of application of waterproofing materials. A pine deck may need an application of waterproofing chemicals once a year or once every few years, while a cedar deck will not need to be treated with chemicals at all. After many years of use, the cedar may fade in color from exposure to the sun, so an application of a stain may be necessary at that point.

While a cedar deck may cost more money to build initially, it may end up saving the homeowner money in the long run. The longer wood is exposed to moisture, sun, and insects, the more likely it is to begin to rot, warp, or otherwise incur damage. Cedar is far less likely than other woods to incur such damage, as the natural oils in the wood protect it from bug infestations that can cause weakness in the timbers, as well as from excess moisture that can cause rot, warping, splitting, or splintering. This means cedar is less likely to need replacement after several years, and the structure is likely to stay sound for much longer than other types of woods.

To save on construction costs, a builder may consider using cedar for the parts of the deck that will be exposed to the elements. Structural elements can be built with cedar, though using pressure-treated lumber instead may save money. The cedar boards can be used to cover up the less attractive pressure-treated lumber, thereby preserving the aesthetic of the structure while also keeping the cost of the structure down .

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@spotiche5- You can also save money on your decking so you will have enough for a cedar deck by purchasing it during the off season. If you aren't planning to build it yourself, you will also save money on the contractor's fees this way.

If you plan to install a cedar deck during the warm weather months when everyone wants to be outside, you will pay top dollar. It is worth it to wait so you will be able to afford top-quality cedar wood decking.


Another way to save money on a cedar deck is to shop around for a cedar deck packages. Home improvement stores offer good deals on package deck plans which usually have everything you will need to build your cedar deck.

Don't buy the first cedar deck package you find, but compare prices from different stores and building suppliers to get the best deal. Often, you will save money by buying direct from a lumber specialty store.

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    • Cedar is attractive and resistant to water damage and insect infestations.
      By: junej
      Cedar is attractive and resistant to water damage and insect infestations.