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What are Stained Glass Stepping Stones?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Stained glass stepping stones are items commonly used in outdoor lawn decoration and ornamentation, though they can be used for a number of other purposes as well. They typically consist of a single piece of concrete, into which pieces of stained glass are then pressed to create an overall image or design within the stone. These stones can then be used as regular stepping stones as part of a path or for decoration in a garden or other area. Stained glass stepping stones can be purchased from various manufacturers or they can be made using a kit or basic supplies.

Though often used for decoration, stained glass stepping stones are typically as strong and durable as other types of stepping stones and so can be used practically as well. These stones usually consist of concrete poured into a mold to create a basic stepping stone shape. Stained glass is pressed into this concrete, or is placed at the bottom and the concrete is poured over it, to create a pattern or shape out of the stained glass. This is somewhat similar to how such glass is used in a window, and stained glass stepping stones often have similar patterns and shapes as can be found in windows.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

While stained glass stepping stones can be purchased from various manufacturers, usually with a particular design or pattern chosen by the maker, they can also be made by someone at home. This usually requires a bit of experience with cutting glass, as well as the ingredients concrete, grout, and a stepping stone mold. A pattern or design is chosen by the person making the stepping stone, usually drawn out ahead of time to make the process easier. Pieces of stained glass are then cut apart and inserted into the bottom of the stepping stone mold in a reverse of the drawn design.

The pieces of stained glass are joined together with grout to fill in any seams and cracks that may otherwise form in the final stained glass stepping stones. Concrete mix is then poured into the mold, similar to cake batter added to a pan for an upside down cake, smoothed out and allowed to dry. When the stepping stone is removed from the mold, the stained glass will be set in place and a wire brush can be used to clean off any grout and concrete from the glass. Stained glass stepping stones made this way should be allowed to cure in the sun for several days, then treated with a sealant to protect the stone and glass from weather damage.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower