What are Some Winter Crafts for Kids?

K T Solis

When it's too cold to play outside, parents can plan winter crafts for kids so that they can keep busy on a wintry afternoon. Making crafts is a good alternative to watching television or playing video games all day. It keeps the kids engaged in a constructive activity and allows them to explore their creativity at the same time.

Cotton balls can be used for winter crafts.
Cotton balls can be used for winter crafts.

Winter crafts for kids can include paper plate snowmen, since most homes have paper plates stashed somewhere in a kitchen cupboard. A snowman can be made by gluing three paper plates together in a vertical line. Children can make a carrot nose from orange construction paper and use some old buttons for the snowman's eyes. They can fashion a top hat from black craft foam and place it on the snowman's head. They glue smaller buttons or raisins to the snowman's face in order to make a smiling mouth. Pipe cleaners are good to use if the children wish to make arms for the snowman.

Yarn can be used in winter crafts.
Yarn can be used in winter crafts.

A quick but fun winter craft for kids is a picture of a winter scene. Children can draw pictures of penguins, polar bears, icebergs, and igloos. If they don't feel comfortable drawing the pictures, they can find them in magazines or print them from the Internet. They can then glue the pictures to a piece of blue construction paper. To make snow, parents provide kids with cotton ball or batting so kids can add the fluffy material to their arctic picture.

Crafts are a good alternative to sitting in front of the TV all day.
Crafts are a good alternative to sitting in front of the TV all day.

For those who love to ice skate, they can make winter crafts for kids that involve something as simple as an ice skating picture. First, children cut a piece of aluminum foil into a rectangular or circular shape. This serves as the ice rink. They then glue the aluminum foil to a piece of paper. Finally, they take another piece of paper and draw pictures of figure skaters in colorful costumes. After cutting out the skating people, they glue them to the "ice rink."

Winter crafts for kids can involve making a snow globe from a clean baby food jar. Parents help kids glue a figurine to the lid of the jar. Use a hot glue gun will help to ensure that the figurine stays in place. The figurine is allowed to set overnight so that it is completely dry. The next day, the kids fill the jar with cold water and add about ½ (2.5 mL) teaspoon of glitter.

The glitter serves as the "snow" for the snow globe. The parent helps the child line the lid with hot glue. Then they place the lid containing the figurine inside the water. Glue is applied to the rim of the lid in order to ensure that the jar is completely sealed. After allowing the snow globe to dry, the child can shake it and watch snow drift inside the globe.

Construction paper crafts provide many options.
Construction paper crafts provide many options.

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@ Georgesplane. A good winter arts and crafts idea for kids is making holiday wreaths and bouquets. We take our kids out with snowshoes and a sled to collect the pine boughs and pinecones the day before we make the wreaths. We let them dry overnight in the mudroom so the sap is not so sticky when we are ready to make the wreaths. We wrap the pine boughs around a wreath frame and secure them down with thin wire twine. We add pinecones and painted Styrofoam balls to the wreath and finish them off with pieces of ribbon. We then give the wreaths to friends and family.


This is not necessarily a winter craft idea for kids, but it is something fun to do when you need to break up the onset of cabin fever. I have a small tent that we will set up in the living room so we can have a camping night indoors. We turn the television off, and play music and games all night. We also turn off the lights and use a flashlight lantern as a fire. We sit around the 'fire' telling stories. We will also cook s'mores and hot dogs on sticks over our grill on the patio. It may be too hot or cold to actually go camping, but with a little imagination and tolerance for a mess, you can still have fun in your living room.


That snow globe idea is a great idea. We don't have too many snow days here in phoenix, but we certainly do have misery days. When the temperature is hovering around 115 degrees, no one wants to go outside. I often feel bad for my daughter because she just sits in the apartment all day, either watching television or drawing in her notebooks. I have been trying to find some preschool arts and crafts ideas for a while now. Thanks wisegeek! Does anyone else have any indoor activities for those days when you can't take your kids outside?

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