What are Silicone Watches?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams
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Light and fashionable or sporty silicone watches are watches that are made with a band of silicone. Often, the material the face of the watch is set in is similar to the silicone band. Silicone is a rubber-like compound that is very durable, which makes this type of watch a popular one due to its long-lasting qualities.

Silicone watches come in a rainbow of hues. Their colors range from white to neon colors to traditional, conservative fashion shades. These watch bands can even be found in multi-colored varieties. These watches come with detachable bands and in a bracelet form as well that can be easily be slipped on and off for added convenience.

The bands for silicone watches are often treated with different substances. For example, one popular treatment for these watches is for the rubber to be infused with tourmaline. This infusion is said to cause the wearer to feel an increased sense of concentration and to feel more energized when wearing the watch than when not. The positive effects of the tourmaline are said to be activated by the heat generated by the body of the person wearing it.

Often diving watches are made from silicone. The reason silicone watches are often preferred by divers is that they are light in weight and water resistant. The strap of the watch is less likely to get caught while on a dive, as the silicone creates a smooth, non-porous surface that bracelet bands do not offer.

Silicone watches are considered a popular choice for people with allergies. Many people are allergic to nickel, an alloy used as a firming agent in many pieces of jewelery and in the bands created for watches. These watches are also considered a popular alternative for people with latex rubber allergies. Silicone is considered to be non-toxic.

Silicone watches range greatly in price. They can be as inexpensive as less than $10 US dollars (USD), or they can be found to be in the thousands of dollars. The price difference is largely dependent upon the manufacturer of the watch, the features found on the watch, and the maker of the timepiece itself. While the price may range from one watch to another, the fact remains the same that these watches provide a long-lasting and durable watch that are lightweight and can be either highly stylized or quite sporty.

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I wear my ice silicone watch most days, and it was fine at first, but now I get a rash from it. I'm allergic to latex but I thought I would be okay with silicone?

I don't want to stop wearing my watch but my wrist hurts a little as I'm wearing it.

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