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What are Side Swept Bangs?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Side swept bangs are a type of hairstyle where the hair is cut shorter in the front and swept off to the side. This is a very popular hairstyle because it looks good on many different hair types and face shapes. In general, it is a good idea to allow a stylist to cut the side swept bangs, rather than trying to create them on one's own. Those with very curly hair might want to avoid bangs as a general rule, however.

Side swept bangs will generally be cut with the shortest pieces of hair towards the middle of the forehead, and the longer pieces off to the side until the bangs blend seamlessly back into the rest of the hair. This is different compared to blunt bangs, which are generally cut in all one length straight across the forehead. Blunt bangs are a more severe hairstyle, and tend to look the best on people who have longer faces or larger foreheads. Side swept bangs are only cut on one side of the head.

A hairstylist cutting a graduated bob with side swept bangs.
A hairstylist cutting a graduated bob with side swept bangs.

Side swept bangs are also a better choice for many people than blunt bangs because they grow out more easily, and do not need to be maintained as often. Though some people choose to get their bangs trimmed every two weeks, this is typically not necessary with longer bangs such as these, and it may be possible to wait a month or so in between trims. Some salons offer bang trims for free as long as the customer returns every six to eight weeks for a larger hair trim that they pay for.

There are many different ways to wear side swept bangs. They look particularly nice when the rest of the hair is pulled back into a bun or ponytail, or they may be left down with the rest of the hair. The bangs do not take long to dry, and most people choose to by a small straightener to make sure the bangs do not wave or curl. It may be helpful to apply a small bit of hairspray or styling cream if the bangs are particularly unruly, or if the weather is humid.

Another benefit to longer bangs is that they may be easily pulled back for a more formal hairstyle, or even when one is exercising and needs to keep the hair out of the face. Simply use hair clips to pin the bangs to the side, or brush them straight back and smooth them down. Side swept bangs are an excellent choice to accentuate cheekbones or a pretty jawline.

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Thanks for the tips. I actually like braids a lot and I think I wouldn't be able to do much with my hair if I got side swept bangs.

What are some other up-dos for this type of bangs? And does it look funny on curly hair. Would I have to straighten it all the time?


Have you guys tried putting hair spray and using a straightener to curl the bangs up? It looks really cute! I saw several girls do it in school and absolutely loved the look.

It looks good with a ponytail, but I like to straighten my hair, leave it loose and curl the end of the bangs up a little. Looks great for a night out.


I have a round face and a very small forehead and I've been using side swept bangs for two years now.

I asked my stylist about regular bangs but she said that it would completely cover up my face since my forehead is small. But I was insistent on a change, so we decided to go with side swept bangs. I think they are really easy to use and I actually trim them myself now.

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    • A hairstylist cutting a graduated bob with side swept bangs.
      By: Rido
      A hairstylist cutting a graduated bob with side swept bangs.