What are Shower Hooks?

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B. Miller
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Shower hooks are curved fasteners that attach onto both the shower curtain bar and the pre-made holes in the shower curtain to hold the curtain up and allow it to slide easily back and forth. Shower hooks are also known as shower curtain rings. They are necessary for any tub and shower combination that does not have a door, but instead has a plastic or metal bar suspended above the tub.

Shower hooks are made of plastic or metal. Some are curved into an "S" shape, some are shaped more like an open "C," and others are complete circles that pull apart to insert through the holes of a shower curtain and are then snapped together. The last type are sturdiest but are the most difficult to change when you want to replace your shower curtain.

There are many designs of shower hooks available to match your bathroom decor. A popular design is a beach theme, which might feature palm trees, sea shells, lighthouses or fish. Flowers are also quite popular. For a child's bathroom, the shower hooks might be in the shape of a cartoon character, an animal, or various sports themes. Generally, specialty shower hooks will either come with or be able to be purchased with a matching shower curtain.

Shower hooks also come in plain colors without added decorations. They are available in virtually any color, or in transparent plastic. Some people choose colors that match their shower curtains. Plain metallic shower rings are also available.

Some people switch their bathroom decor seasonally, and there are shower hooks to match. For example, for the holidays, you might put up snowflakes or snowmen. For vacation homes or hunting cabins, you might want bathroom decor with a vacation or woodsy theme, such as trees, birds, fish, or pine cones, among others.

Shower hooks can be purchased anywhere that sells home decor, shower curtains, bath mats, etc. "Designer" shower hooks can be ordered online. Shower hooks range in price from as little as $1 US Dollar (USD) for a set up to approximately $20 USD. There are generally 12 in a set.

In addition to a matching shower curtain, you might also purchase a matching toothbrush holder, soap dish, bath towel, bath rugs, hand towel and wastebasket. These items are often all sold in a set for a fully coordinated bathroom. In general, if you can imagine it, you will be able to find shower curtain rings and bathroom decor to match.

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