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What are Sheepskin Slippers?

Miranda Fine
Miranda Fine

Sheepskin slippers are a type of footwear made out of the skin of a sheep. Slippers are meant to slip on and off the foot, and are usually intended for indoor use. Sheepskin slippers have a plush fleece lining that may be the natural fur attached to the sheepskin itself, or sewn to the leather.

Sheepskin slippers may be made out of shearling, the highest grade of sheepskin, or they may be lined with “sherpa”. Shearling is literally the skin of the sheep with the wool, or sheep’s fur still attached. Sheepskin slippers made of shearling are generally regarded as of the highest quality, and are the most expensive type. To make shearling used in for slippers and other products, the skin of the sheep is removed with the fur intact, and tanned and softened. Shearling is also a byproduct of the meat industry.

Sheepskin is made from the skin of the sheep.
Sheepskin is made from the skin of the sheep.

Sherpa is a substitute for shearling. Sherpa linings may be made of wool or synthetic materials. The fleece is backed onto fabric, which is then used as a lining for sheepskin slippers and other products. The Sherpa is sewn to sheepskin leather that does not have fur attached. Sheepskin slippers with Sherpa linings are much less expensive than shearling.

Sheepskin has many advantages as a material for slippers. It is soft, durable, and warm. Sheepskin slippers with real wool linings are water and odor resistant also. Sheepskin leather is soft and sueded and may be dyed many different colors. The leather is pliable and will conform to the shape of your foot.

Sheepskin slippers come in many different styles, and are popular for all ages. Styles are generally similar for men, women and children. Some common styles are moccasins, booties, and clogs or mules. Many sheepskin slippers have a rubber outsole, so they are suitable for light outdoor use. Sheepskin slippers are widely available year round at on-line retailers. They tend to be available seasonably in retail stores. A good time to buy sheepskin slippers is in December and January, when many retailers offer Christmas discounts.

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    • Sheepskin is made from the skin of the sheep.
      By: Alexey Stiop
      Sheepskin is made from the skin of the sheep.