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What are Service Data Objects?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

There are many tools and frameworks designed to help software developers streamline the development process. Service data objects refers to a special programming framework designed for Java® developers that simplifies the access to multiple database sources. This provides a standard application programming interface (API) for developers to access multiple types of data protocols.

The use of service oriented architecture (SOA) has become popular in the business world. The service data objects framework was first introduced in 2004 as a method of standardizing multiple types of data source technologies that are typically used in an SOA environment. This was created as a tool to increase productivity of service oriented architecture development (SOA) projects.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

There are several tutorials and training aids available for SDO on the Internet. This framework is only available for C++ and Java® development environments. It includes special configuration files and formats that enable the connectivity to data access controls. Development teams should be trained on this framework before beginning a project that uses this technology.

In computer programming, data access development is a complex process that requires expertise with database technologies. Each technology has unique aspects that require an understanding of the underlying coding specifics. The service data objects framework creates a standard API that works with most database technology. This makes it easier for developers who work for companies that use multiple data access methods.

The use of service data objects in the Java® programming community is limited. This type of technology is designed for companies that interact with multiple business organizations and databases. This type of business problem is specific to companies that have a tightly integrated business-to-business process models. Some examples of this type of business process include large retail stores and manufacturing organizations.

Extensible markup language (XML) is a specialized data structure that represents the meta-data of a business process or organization. The service data object framework is designed to work more efficiently with XML documents. This framework includes functions that interact with XML files and formats, which creates a standard access method for XML files within the organization.

The service data objects framework creates a standard access method for the software development team to use multiple technologies. Some examples of these technologies include Java® Beans, Java® Objects and standard XML web services. This framework provides a wrapper around these protocols. The goal of SDO is to provide a single API method for developers.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer