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What are Scrapbook Eyelets?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Scrapbook eyelets are decorative embellishments that are used in scrapbooks. They are small and metallic and are characterized by a hole in their center. They can come in varying shapes and can be used in any of several ways. The best scrapbook eyelets are those that are rust-resistant.

The uses for scrapbook eyelets are numerous. The eyelets can be used as punctuation marks, on tags, to help reinforce pictures, as borders or as part of greater design. The uses for eyelets are limited only by their users' imaginations. Regardless of how they are incorporated into a scrapbook, they can always add extra pizazz to a project.

Scrapbooks eyelets can add a decorative touch to a scrapbook page.
Scrapbooks eyelets can add a decorative touch to a scrapbook page.

Scrapbooking eyelets are available for purchase in their standard, round shape. They can be bought in traditional colors or colors that are bright or funky. Scrapbookers also have the option of buying scrapbook eyelets that are made in interesting shapes. Eyelets can be available in rectangular, star, pumpkin, snowflake and flower shapes.

Although scrapbook eyelets can appear to be a simple addition to a scrapbook, crafters who are interested in incorporating the eyelets into their projects should be aware that they can require a lot of work to place into a project. Scrapbookers will need to use different tools to properly fasten the eyelets. These tools can include an eyelet setter, an anywhere hole punch, a self-healing mat and a hammer.

Scrapbook eyelets can be used in various ways.
Scrapbook eyelets can be used in various ways.

To place an eyelet on a scrapbook page, scrapbookers usually put a scrapbook page on a mat, align an anywhere hole punch over the area where they want the eyelet and hammer a hole into the paper. The eyelet is then inserted into the hole, and the eyelet setter and hammer are used to reinforce the eyelet onto the page. After these steps, the eyelet should be permanently set.

A hammer is often a necessary tool for creating scrapbook eyelets.
A hammer is often a necessary tool for creating scrapbook eyelets.

When purchasing scrapbook eyelets, scrapbookers should look for eyelets that have been designated as safe to use for scrapbooking. Eyelets such as these are not made from materials that could potentially degrade scrapbook materials, including paper and photos. Generally, consumers should look for eyelets that do not rust.

If scrapbookers like the idea and use of eyelets but are looking for bigger options, they might want to invest in grommets. Grommets function in much of the same way that scrapbook eyelets do, except that they are bigger and cover much more space. Scrapbookers tend to use only one or two grommets on a scrapbook page because grommets are larger than eyelets.

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Discussion Comments


Once when I was looking online for some scrapbooking supplies, I saw some of the neatest eyelets.

Not only were they in different colors and shapes, but also had words of inspiration inscribed in them. I didn't order them because they were kind of expensive, but they would be perfect for the right project.

I have to use a lot of constraint when it comes to buying my scrapbook supplies. I think I could spend my whole paycheck if I wasn't careful.

I used to use eyelets for borders, but this got to be too time consuming. Now I like to use them more as an small accent on a page.


I love to scrapbook but don't usually go to the time or effort to use eyelets. The few times I have used them, I have borrowed the correct scrapbooking tools from a friend.

I will say they can add a lot of detail to a page, and have seen many scrapbook pages that use them very creatively. One of the cutest pages I saw was one my sister did for her son.

She found eyelets in primary colors in the shapes of cars and trucks. It took a little bit of extra work to use the eyelets, but the pages are absolutely perfect.

I just don't have as much time to devote to this as I would like to. I am lucky to even get my pictures in the book with a minimal amount of scrapbooking and labeling.


I like for my scrapbook photo descriptions to look similar to plaques in museums underneath exhibits. That is why I use dark, heavy paper and a gold glitter pen under each photo. I attach these descriptions with gold eyelets.

The paper I use is fairly heavy, so it won't wrinkle or curl up over time. I only need one eyelet in each corner to secure them in place.

Some people tell me that my scrapbook layouts are too tidy and meticulous, but that just reflects my personality. This is what a scrapbook is supposed to do, and simple gold eyelets fit in well with the scheme.


Like most parents, I have photos of my toddlers bathing. They will hate me one day, but I did include these in my scrapbook.

I made a page entitled “Bath Time!” and I used baby blue eyelets to look like bubbles in the background. I must confess that I stole the idea from my cousin, but it is awesome anyway.

I even made one giant bubble that had blue eyelets for eyeballs and a face. I made the page as fun as I could, and the eyelets really brought something special to it.


@OeKc05 – That is a good scrapbooking idea. I don't garden much, but if I did, I would love to have a page like this with flower eyelets.

I do have one page of photos involving flowers. I took my daughters to a big public garden, and I took many pictures of them among the blooms. On that page, I made my own headline and drew a couple of crude flowers around the words with markers.

In the middle of the flower drawings, I placed eyelets. Each flower's center is made of an eyelet in a matching color.

I also made a ladybug on this same page, and I used black eyelets on top of red felt to make the spots. Really, the uses of eyelets in scrapbook design are limitless.


Decorative eyelets are some of my favorite scrapbooking embellishments. I especially love the flower shaped ones.

I put photos of my flower gardens in the scrapbook every year, and I love to embellish the pages with items like eyelets. I have found some white and yellow daisy eyelets that are great for this page, as well as some yellow and green sunflower eyelets.

It definitely takes some effort to put the eyelets on the pages, but the effect is worth the work. I love the three-dimensional effect it adds, so it isn't just a flat sheet of paper.

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    • Scrapbooks eyelets can add a decorative touch to a scrapbook page.
      By: SilviuFlorin
      Scrapbooks eyelets can add a decorative touch to a scrapbook page.
    • Scrapbook eyelets can be used in various ways.
      By: Monkey Business
      Scrapbook eyelets can be used in various ways.
    • A hammer is often a necessary tool for creating scrapbook eyelets.
      By: donatas1205
      A hammer is often a necessary tool for creating scrapbook eyelets.