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What are Pumpkin Cookies?

Anna T.
Anna T.

Pumpkin cookies are cookies that are either made from pumpkin or have a pumpkin flavor. These cookies tend to be most popular during the fall of the year because this is when pumpkins normally become ripe and ready to harvest. Pumpkin cookies are also a popular type of holiday cookie and may be served during both the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays along with other pumpkin-flavored desserts. Many people make these cookies from scratch using actual pumpkin, while other people might take shortcuts and make the cookies out of pumpkin spice or canned pumpkin. Grocery stores might additionally carry prepackaged pumpkin cookies, and these are most likely to be available during the fall as well.

Making pumpkin cookies from scratch using real pumpkin can be a very involved process because, before the cookies can be prepared, the pumpkin must be cut apart and cleaned out. Cleaning out a pumpkin normally involves scraping out the insides, which includes all the seeds and strings. This can be a very time-consuming process for many people, particularly if the pumpkin used for the cookies is large in size. Even though many people claim that cookies made with fresh pumpkin taste better than cookies made with canned pumpkin puree or pumpkin spice, many people don't go to the trouble of using real pumpkin because of the complexity of the process.


People who opt to bake their pumpkin cookies from scratch using real pumpkin may be able to simplify the process by baking their pumpkins whole first. This is a popular method used not only to make baking cookies made from pumpkin easier, but also for any type of dish that requires pumpkin. The process of baking a pumpkin whole normally makes cutting it open and cleaning it out much easier to do because the heat can soften up the shell and loosen up the strings and seeds from the inside.

Many people season pumpkin cookies with nutmeg.
Many people season pumpkin cookies with nutmeg.

Regardless of the type of pumpkin used, most of the other ingredients needed to make pumpkin cookies are fairly basic. The majority of recipes for pumpkin cookies call for eggs, oil, and sugar along with other basic cookie ingredients, including flour and vanilla. Some people add cinnamon and nutmeg to their pumpkin-flavored cookies to give the sweetness a hint of spice. Icing might also be used as a topping for cookies made from pumpkin. Cream cheese and butter cream icing are two common icing choices for pumpkin cookies.

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I enjoy the taste of pumpkin in just about any kind of dessert. I have never gone to the work of making my own pumpkin from scratch though. I saw a show on the food network that explained how easy this was, but I thought it looked like quite a bit of work.

For me, it is so easy to just go to the store and pick up a can of pumpkin, stir some other ingredients in and bake your cookies or pie.


Pumpkin cookies are a favorite fall treat in our house, and the best way to eat pumpkin cookies is with cream cheese frosting on them. I always begin craving the taste of pumpkin when the weather turns cooler. It is nice to have a change from chocolate chips or oatmeal.

There are many recipes online where you can find some great recipes. Most of them are pretty similar, but may vary in the amount and kinds of spices you add to the mixture.

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    • Pumpkins.
      By: ulchik74
    • Many people season pumpkin cookies with nutmeg.
      By: Thomas Francois
      Many people season pumpkin cookies with nutmeg.
    • Ginger pairs nicely with pumpkin and gives pumpkin cookies a touch of spicy flavor.
      By: cook_inspire
      Ginger pairs nicely with pumpkin and gives pumpkin cookies a touch of spicy flavor.