What are Post Caps?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

A fence is structural surrounding typically made up of rails, posts, and gates. Fences are designed to restrict entry at a property boundary. Most elegant fences include fence post caps that reside on the top of the posts on a fence. These post caps come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the fence hardware.

The wooden picket fence is a fence that is often depicted in most novels about southern heritage. These types of fences include wood posts and wood rails that are stained or painted to match the home. A wooden post cap is a designer cap that resides on each post on the fence. These caps give the fence a finished look of elegance.

Many modern fences are made of vinyl material. These types of fences require less maintenance than wooden fences, which require painting or staining on a periodic basis. Vinyl post caps are typically available to match most vinyl post material.

Accent lighting of the yard has become a standard practice within most modern gardening architectures. Today there are fence post caps available that include built-in accent solar lighting. This accent lighting effect adds a decorative glow to any style of fence.

While fence post caps are an attractive finishing addition, they are also typically an expensive option for most types of fences. A fence post cap can range from $5 US Dollars(USD) to $40 USD per cap. With an average fence containing at least 20 posts it can add a significant costs to the final price of a fence.

A more elegant and expensive option for post caps is the copper version. These caps are made of copper, which does not corrode or rust and requires little maintenance. Copper caps will change to a dark green color over time, unless polished.

Glass is another material available for fence post caps. This type of cap is uniquely colored with a stained glass look to top the fence structure. The glass cap is a fragile material, which should be managed appropriately. These caps are more expensive then a typical post cap with prices starting at about $20 USD per cap.

Most home decks with protruding rails use post caps as a topper to the exposed posts. These caps can include decorative balls or points at the end of the cap. Additionally, solar lighted caps are also available for deck posts. This accent lighting allows for illumination of the deck area without using electricity.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips