What are Planter Boxes?

N. Phipps

Planter boxes are an excellent way to enhance a home’s surroundings. They’re also a great choice for gardening in small spaces. In addition to flowers, people can use planter boxes to grow herbs and vegetables in areas such as decks, patios, and balconies. Window boxes can also create the perfect growing environment for plants in areas with little or no space.

Gardeners in warm climates can dress up patios and gardens with the colorful, tropical ti plant.
Gardeners in warm climates can dress up patios and gardens with the colorful, tropical ti plant.

There are several other different types of planter boxes available besides window boxes. Some of these include planters that hang, which are perfect for balconies. Others can be attached to railings, which are well-suited to decks and fire escapes. A planter box might even have wheels for easy mobility. These types of planter boxes work great on patios, especially for larger plantings, such as trees and shrubs.

Regardless of their location or the plants housed within them, planter boxes can be found in various materials, from wood to plastic. With so many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, it isn’t difficult to find a planter box that fits the needs of your home, purchased or constructed. A planter box is easy to build and can be constructed within a few hours. There are numerous free patterns available online for building planter boxes.

Planter boxes can vary from the most basic design patterns to those that are more complex. The width, depth, and length of planter boxes may vary between plans. However, depending on the design, most of these planter box plans can be easily adjusted to accommodate whatever size is necessary. For instance, larger planters can be constructed using small planter box plans by simply extending the length.

Planter boxes do not have to be limited to the outdoors. They can be easily altered for use in the home. In fact, most house plants thrive best near sunny windows. There are many ways to use these boxes indoors. Place them in a window or on a table in front of one. Indoor planter boxes can be made from nearly any material because they will not be exposed to the outside elements. However, outdoor planter boxes should be constructed from weather-resistant materials.

For wooden planter boxes, it’s important to apply paint or varnish to prevent rotting. Drainage holes should also be implemented to allow water to freely drain out not only to prevent the wood from rotting but also plants. Too much water can cause plant roots to rot as well. If pressure-treated wood is used for planter boxes, it’s generally recommended that homeowners place a fitted plant container inside. Treated wood may contain harmful chemicals, which could also be detrimental to plants.

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