What are Non-Slip Socks?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams
Non-slip socks improve traction.
Non-slip socks improve traction.

Made for all ages, non-slip socks are those socks that have a grip added to their bottom portion. The grip is usually made of a rubber substance, which is either slightly tacky to the touch or a bit rough to further ensure those wearing them will not slip. Non-slip socks come in slipper socks as well as a traditional lighter sock that can be worn with shoes.

Non-slip socks are ideal for use with yoga mats.
Non-slip socks are ideal for use with yoga mats.

The no-skid tread of a non-slip sock improves traction. This type of sock reduces the chance of injury when navigating slippery walk areas. Often hospitals will provide their patients with these types of socks to aid in ensuring that the potential for injuries is prevented. Some types of these non-slip socks, along with their treated bottom surface, are made to ensure good circulation of the wearer. The material these socks are made of is a thick, durable and stretch nylon and spandex combination.

Non-slip socks are especially popular for younger children and toddlers. These non-slip socks help ensure that those little ones who are just learning to walk do not fall when walking on a slick surface such as a tile floor. Non-slip socks for children come in many different thicknesses. Some are nearly thick enough that they can be worn on a clean, dry outside walkway. Other non-slip socks for children are thin enough that the new walker's shoes can easily be slipped over them.

Those who participate in yoga often choose to wear a non-slip sock during class. The socks not only help for sure footing, but they also aid in keeping yoga mats fresh from foot odor. Yoga non-slips socks are most often made of a light, breathable fabric. This type of fabric keeps the foot cool and dry.

To ensure a pet's safety and warmth, there are non-slip socks made for dogs. These non-slip socks are made of a cotton blend knit. They have a cinch at the opening to ensure they stay on the dog's feet. Wearing these socks can help elderly dogs whose footing is no longer sure or that suffer from arthritic conditions. Their use is also suggested for those dogs recovering from a foot or leg injury, as they can keep that area from being exposed. While these socks aid dogs with mobility issues, they also help protect hardwood floors from dogs' nails, which can scratch and mar the surface patina of the floor.

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Like Pippinwhite, I always keep a couple of pairs of these socks around. If I have people over, I can put my holiday socks on and stay festive, not have bare feet and still not have to put my shoes on.

I like cold weather, and I look forward to getting my slipper socks on after I get home from work. It helps me unwind, for some reason. They're also good even through the early spring when the nights can still be chilly. I wear them to bed and don't have to put my bare feet on a cold floor in the mornings.


My house has hardwood floors and I wear non-skid socks all the time in the winter! They're wonderful. My feet stay warm and I don't slide all over the place on the floors like I do in regular socks.

I usually pick up some cute ones in holiday designs for about $5 or so. I always invest in a pair or two when cold weather hits. They really do help keep my feet warm and I am grateful for them!

The only thing you have to be careful about is size. It's easy to get ones that are too small if you don't look at the tag carefully. You have to make sure they're for adults, not children. With socks, it's sometimes hard to tell, until you try them on.

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    • Non-slip socks improve traction.
      By: Popova Olga
      Non-slip socks improve traction.
    • Non-slip socks are ideal for use with yoga mats.
      By: Elena Ray
      Non-slip socks are ideal for use with yoga mats.