What are Modular Stairs?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
The elderly may benefit from the installation of modular stairs.
The elderly may benefit from the installation of modular stairs.

Modular stairs are a type of modern and light staircase that is typically installed in the home. They are popular amongst home owners who enjoy do-it-yourself projects. They are also a good choice for home owners who have little space to spare, but who have a house level that needs to be accessed frequently and easily. Attics and lofts are ideal places with which to use modular stairs. These stairs can also be installed in narrow passageways or tight spaces that wouldn't usually be hospitable to conventional stairs or ladders.

Modular stairs are often chosen by home owners because of their easy installation procedures, flexibility in style and the customization opportunities that they present. Though thought to be a straight staircase, one or two quarter turns can be inserted so that they can be rotated and transformed. Despite modular stairs' space-saving capabilities, their installation does not mean that staircase users have to experience an uncomfortable climb. The stairs are often designed to minimize the stress experienced on the body. Individual stair landings can be shaped differently so that the climber can work different parts of his body while ascending the staircase and so that the opportunity to rest is also presented.

Handrails are not confined to steel or metal materials. It's not uncommon for those interested in installing modular stairs to choose wood or even plastic handrails instead of the traditional metal alternatives. In addition, handrails can be adjusted using the special fittings that modular stairs boast.

Modular stairs can accent and enhance any home or environment. Aesthetically, they can be modified to suit the theme or overall feel of a space. Rise, depth, height and rotation are only a few things that can be changed so that the stairs fit the home, the atmosphere or the place to be accessed. In addition, these stairs do not block light and give the area an open feel.

Modular stairs can be installed with practicality in mind. For instance, they may be installed in a way as to minimize the appearance and threats of sharp edges in a home. These types of configurations may be useful for homes that house the disabled, the elderly or children.

Do-it-yourself installation kits usually include all the materials required for the installation. Generally, installations can be performed with basic tools that can be found in every household. Installation kits can also include video instructions as well as traditional paper instructions so that someone new to home remodeling can easily understand the proper installation procedures.

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    • The elderly may benefit from the installation of modular stairs.
      The elderly may benefit from the installation of modular stairs.