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What Are Mehndi Cones?

A. Rohlandt
A. Rohlandt

Mehndi cones are used as applicators for mehndi paste and work in much the same way as a pastry bag. Ready-made cones filled with paste can be purchased, but mehndi cones can also be made at home. There is no set technique for using a cone, and if application proves difficult, an applicator bottle can be used instead.

If someone wants to learn to apply mehndi the traditional way, using a mehndi cone is the way to do it. Using a cone is, according to some experts, the preferred method of application in India. They claim that this method can produce much finer and more detailed tattoos than other methods.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Mehndi cones can be purchased at health stores or online, but doing either will usually mean that the cone is already filled with henna paste. These cones may be an easier alternative for someone new to the application of mehndi, who wants to learn the craft. It's also a faster than making the cone and paste at home.

The mehndi cone is a very simple but effective applicator and can be made at home using plastic sheets from a craft shop, plastic bags, or even paper. One method is to cut a square piece of paper or soft plastic and to roll it so that it forms a cone. Once this is done, the cone must be secured using tape. All edges should be sealed, and once the cone is filled with henna paste, the end can be rolled down to close it and then secured. Lastly, the tip of the cone should be snipped off using nail clippers or scissors.

Another method is to use a plastic bag and to fill one of the corners with the henna paste. The open end can be secured with a twist tie, or even knotted, which will seal the cone. This is a very easy technique and may be easier than using paper for someone who wants to try using a home-made cone. Once the tip is snipped off, the cone should be used immediately.

There's no correct or incorrect way to hold mehndi cones, and the user should hold the cone in whichever way he or she feels most comfortable with. The key consideration should be control and comfort, as this will make it easier to draw intricate designs. Some experts recommend gripping the cone in much the same way as a pencil, as this is an easy grip that offers a lot of control.

If the use of a cone proves to be troublesome or uncomfortable, applicator bottles can be a suitable alternative. These bottles usually have metal nozzles, and the paste can be applied to the skin by applying pressure to the bottle. This method can tire the hands initially, but the problem usually improves with practice.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book