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What Are Margarita Cupcakes?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

When ingredients such as lime juice, tequila, or Margarita mixer are added to white or yellow cake mix, the result is Margarita cupcakes. These gourmet cupcakes are typically frosted with a butter cream frosting that also has a hint of lime juice and tequila. This dessert can be garnished with a slice of salted lime and served with Mexican meals, especially during the holidays.

A plain white or yellow cake mix is normally used to make Margarita cupcakes because these mixes tend to complement the tequila and lime juice well. Many cooks prefer making cupcakes from scratch rather than using a mix, and this is also acceptable to do. Grand mariner or triple sec could be used instead of tequila, or 1/3 the amount of each liquor might be substituted. A non-alcoholic version of these gourmet cupcakes may also be made by using Margarita mixer and limejuice and omitting the alcohol.

Margarita cupcakes are made using tequila.
Margarita cupcakes are made using tequila.

Plain white butter cream icing is normally preferred when making Margarita cupcakes. This frosting could be commercially prepared or it might be made from scratch. A very light and fluffy icing is ideal for frosting this dessert. It can be a good idea to beat the topping lightly while at the same time adding small amounts of limejuice until the frosting has a light citrus flavor. Some additional tequila can be added to the frosting while whipping it, but this should be in very small amounts so as not to overpower the flavor of the cake itself.

Once the baked Margarita cupcakes have been frosted, many cooks like to garnish this dessert with a slice of lime to add visual interest. This lime can be salted or unsalted depending on individual taste. Some people may want to add toothpicks with pictures of sombrero hats to the top of them, especially when they are part of a Mexican holiday meal. Hosts have even been known to place a shot glass of liquor on top of the cupcake itself, or alcoholic drinks could be served alongside these homemade cupcakes if they are being served as a snack.

Margarita cupcakes are typically sweet, yet somewhat tangy. They usually have a light citrus aroma, but no alcohol smell to them. Since these cupcakes have an appetizing smell and are very beautiful to look at, they can be popular treats no matter what the occasion. The cupcakes might nonetheless be intoxicating for small children, so they are recommended only for adults to eat.

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    • Margarita cupcakes are made using tequila.
      By: tarasov_vl
      Margarita cupcakes are made using tequila.