What Are Low-Carb Peanut Butter Cookies?

Angela Farrer

Low-carb peanut butter cookies are treats typically made with sugar substitutes and similar ingredients that are common in recipes for low-carbohydrate foods. A low-carb diet can include desserts such as cookies that are made with sweeteners other than refined sugars. Some recipes for low-carb peanut butter cookies instruct the baker to use a substitute ingredient for white flour as well. People who follow a low-carb diet may bake cookies without flour altogether. Many recipes for low-sugar peanut butter cookies are rather simple and take a minimal amount of preparation time.

A jar of peanut butter.
A jar of peanut butter.

Some of the most common ingredients in low-carb peanut butter cookies include vanilla extract, one or two beaten eggs, and the baker's choice of artificial sweetener. The specific type of sugar substitute depends on individual choice. Some cooks prefer natural or organic non-sugar sweeteners due to concerns over chemical additives such as aspartame. Most recipes call for a measure of sweetener to be mixed into the cookie dough, and a number of bakers also like to sprinkle small amounts over the tops of the cookies just after removing them from the oven.

Low-carb peanut butter cookies.
Low-carb peanut butter cookies.

Cooks who also try to bake with less fat have a few other ingredient options to include in their recipes for low-carb peanut butter cookies. Egg whites rather than whole eggs can be mixed with the cookie dough, although some bakers find this option causes ingredient separation if they also use peanut butter with a higher amount of peanut oil. Reduced-fat peanut butter batches typically contain lower measures of oil and usually prevent this problem.

Since low-carb eating frequently involves eliminating foods with white flour, this ingredient is usually absent from recipes for low-carb peanut butter cookies. Substitutions can include soy or whole wheat flour. A number of low-carb baking recipes can also call for heavy whipping cream for a richer finished texture. Some bakers mix in a small amount of baking powder for cookies that more closely resemble those made with refined sugar and white flour.

The average baking time for low-carb peanut butter cookies is about 10 to 12 minutes at roughly 375° F (about 190° C). Most recipes instruct the baker to roll the finished cookie dough into small balls roughly the size of walnuts before placing them on a greased cookie sheet. A popular design on peanut butter cookies is a cross-hatch pattern that the cook makes by pressing the tines of a fork across the top of each one.

The averaging baking time for low-carb peanut butter cookies is 10 to 12 minutes at 375 degrees.
The averaging baking time for low-carb peanut butter cookies is 10 to 12 minutes at 375 degrees.

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