What Are High School Demographics?

C. Daw

High school demographics are similar to business demographics, or any other type of demographics, because it refers to the amount of people within a specific area. Demographics take into account the age, sex, race, and the background of the people within the area. In this case, it refers to the students that are enrolled within the high school boundaries. A school is a public learning facility that requires versatile amounts of students, including males and females, low income to high income, and various different races. The high school demographics will change from area to area depending upon the exact location of the school, including the area of the world in which it is located.

Many students who attend private high schools may share a similar socio-economic background.
Many students who attend private high schools may share a similar socio-economic background.

The high school demographics of a region can be used to identify different aspects of the surrounding community as well. In a low income district, the students will reflect the financial positions of their parents, as well as their race and background history. This allows people in the business world to better understand a specific area, which will help them build business demographics to help sell products that are in demand for the area. This information can also be used by government officials, new companies planning to move in and build, banks when it comes to loaning money, and charity benefits geared towards specific levels of income. Basically, if the high school demographics show that the community is wealthy, then companies could sell high priced items in the area, banks could raise their standards for loans, and government officials could pass the area over when it comes to low income assistance.

High school demographics include the cultural background of students.
High school demographics include the cultural background of students.

College scholarship funds can also use the high school demographics information to decide how much funding should be offered in each particular area. A college is required to not discriminate because of age, race, or sex, so they can then use this information to ensure that their enrollments meet, or exceed the local and federal requirements. This is especially important throughout the colleges in the United States because it is required by federal law that the campus includes a specific percentage of minority people when compared to the entire student population.

High school demographics is basically the amount of students enrolled based upon race, sex, background, and wealth. It helps various private and professional people make decisions that are imperative to their continued success in the future. Companies need to know what products are in demand, and what can be marketed in terms of price. Professional people can judge various aspects of the area as well, simply by taking a look at the local high school demographics.

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