What Are Grooming Shears?

Patti Kate

Grooming shears are a type of cutting scissors specifically designed for the grooming of pets and domestic animals. Most commonly used on dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses, grooming shears are available in a variety of lengths. Shears designed for grooming long-haired domestic farm animals, such as sheep or goats, are generally designed differently than shears made for grooming short-haired dogs or cats.

A pet goat that has been recently groomed.
A pet goat that has been recently groomed.

Many pet grooming shears are made specifically for safe clipping of hair around the delicate areas of a dog's eyes, nose, and mouth. These types of grooming shears typically are made with a ball tip for safety. Pet grooming shears may also be made with a protective steel sheath. Many styles of pet shears will also come with a carrying case.

Grooming shears are sometimes used on pet rabbits.
Grooming shears are sometimes used on pet rabbits.

Horses need special grooming shears designed to cut through coarse hair. Typically referred to as equine grooming shears, this design is made to groom a horse's mane and tail. The shaft of equine shears resemble an ordinary pair of scissors, although the cutting edge looks somewhat like a comb. This unique design enables styling as well as trimming. Most equine shears include adjustable tension control.

Most pet grooming shears are usually made of stainless steel. Generally, grooming or cutting shears are available in different sizes and occasionally different shapes. Dog shears are typically labeled as fine or coarse, according to the density of a pet's coat. For instance, a long-haired Pomeranian breed will require a different style of cutting shears than those designed for a short-haired retriever.

Other than being used for cutting dog and cat hair, grooming clippers may also be used to create specific styles. For this purpose, a large pair of shears might be necessary. Shears that are short in length are most appropriate for simply trimming a pet's fur.

When buying pet grooming scissors and shears, it's important to choose those that are lightweight yet durable. For the multi-pet home, it's best to use shears that are created for versatility. Some of the best pet shears are designed to be used on various lengths of hair and for all grooming needs.

Shears for thinning an animal's hair are called thinning shears. These shears are made with a double tooth thinning comb. Many pet owners prefer thinning shears to minimize shedding in pets with dense coats. Thinning shears may also be designed with an adjustable tension knob or dial.

Many grooming shears will be designed for the short hairs of dogs and cats.
Many grooming shears will be designed for the short hairs of dogs and cats.

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