What are Grooming Scissors?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Grooming scissors are devices that are used in the process of maintaining a neat appearance. Different types of scissors for grooming are utilized for people and household pets. These handy tools may be purchased for personal use or for use in barber shops, styling salons, and health spas.

Pets require grooming, and grooming equipment as well.
Pets require grooming, and grooming equipment as well.

The basic grooming scissors are usually smaller than the scissors used in sewing and similar projects. In construction, the scissors or shears include two elongated blades and handles with rounded sections where fingers are inserted as a means of controlling the movement of the blades. The blades may be blunted, pointed, or curved, depending on the types of grooming the scissors are designed to perform.

Grooming scissors are often used on mustaches.
Grooming scissors are often used on mustaches.

Both home and professional grooming supplies normally include two or more sizes of grooming scissors. Full size barber scissors aid in making simple adjustments to the length of hair, such as trimming off split ends. Men often use grooming scissors to perform simple grooming tasks related to beards and mustaches. Periodic mustache trimming or beard trimming can help the male to remain well-groomed in between visits to a professional stylist, where professional grooming supplies are employed to restore a polished appearance to the facial hair.

Smaller versions of grooming scissors also come in handy when it comes to trimming hair in the nose and ears. Often, these small scissors feature blades that are pointed and slightly curved. The curve allows the scissors to conform to the contours of the nasal passages and outer area of the ear. The design makes it easier to effectively trim the hairs closely without accidentally piercing the skin and possible developing an infection.

Along with manual grooming scissors, there are also electric-powered scissors available for use at home and in a grooming salon. Using batteries or wall current for operation, the blades of the scissors move quickly to cut hair and restore an even look to a beard or mustache. When used properly, the electronic scissors can provide a closer and more precise cut than many people can manage with the manual scissors.

Purchasing grooming scissors is a simple task. Sets of the scissors for use in the home are included in many personal grooming kits that are ideal for use around the house and for travel purposes. Professional grooming scissors can often be purchased at supply houses that carry tools for use by beauticians, stylists, and barbers. Prices range from inexpensive brands to high quality grooming scissors that can be quite expensive. The higher-end brands of scissors are usually manufactured with components intended for long term use.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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@turquoise-- As far as I know, grooming scissors that are shorter than four inches can be taken on a carry-on. So basically all the small, travel-size grooming scissors can be taken. Cuticle scissors is also small enough.

You just can't take larger grooming scissors, especially no hair scissors. I've never used an electric-powered grooming scissors before, but I'm sure those are too big to carry-on as well.

You should get a travel-size grooming kit like I have. You will be able to carry that without problems.


@burcidi-- Oh, can you take grooming scissors on the plane? I thought it's not allowed?

I also use grooming scissors regularly. I use a small scissors to trim eyebrows and a cuticle scissors to cut cuticles and hangnails. But I can never take them with me on trips because I'm afraid they'll take it away. The rules have gotten really strict nowadays.

Does anyone know if there is a type of grooming scissors that can be taken on a carry-on?

I usually just have a carry on with me. And grooming scissors isn't something that's really cheap to keep re-buying everywhere you go.


I wasn't sure what grooming scissors can be used for. But I got a grooming kit the other day which has a small grooming scissors, tweezers and a nail trimmer. The product says that the grooming scissors is a multi-purpose scissors that can be used to trim eyebrows or nostril hair.

I used it for the first time yesterday and it works pretty well. I really like that the ends are curved. I've tried trimming nostril hair with regular scissor before. I was so scared that I was going to cut myself. I didn't worry at all with this curved grooming scissors.

The kit is also small enough that I can carry it with me. I travel a lot for work, so that's another plus. I should have bought one of these kits a long time ago. I don't know how I managed so long without a grooming scissors.

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