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What are Gazebo Kits?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Gazebo kits are pre-packaged kits with pre-cut pieces and hardware that allow someone with only basic carpentry skills to construct a gazebo. Gazebos built from scratch require advanced carpentry knowledge and skill and are said to be challenging even for experienced carpenters. Gazebo kits are usually sold online and in hardware stores and come in a variety of different styles and sizes.

Average sizes of gazebo kits are between 8 feet (2.438 m) and 14 feet (4.267 m) in diameter, but they may be available in sizes as small as 6 feet (1.829 m) or as large as 30 feet (9.144 m). Common shapes of the gazebos in kits are six sided, or hexagonal, eight sided or octagonal or square. You can choose the size and shape that best suits your yard.

Constructing a gazebo kit requires basic carpentry skills.
Constructing a gazebo kit requires basic carpentry skills.

The styles range from plain and basic to ornately-detailed scrollwork between posts. Double, or two-tiered, roofs are common and the roofs in gazebo kits are usually already shingled. Most gazebos are made in an open-style with open walls and a roof, but all-season gazebo kits have gazebos with pre-made walls to add on to make the gazebo suitable for colder weather.

Materials for gazebos in kits vary widely. Cedar is known to be a durable, long-lasting material, while aluminum is said to be very easy to care for. Treated pine and vinyl gazebo kits are also popular in today's market. Some gazebo kits feature a cupola, or small roof topper that leaves a recessed space inside the gazebo perfect to add lightning options for evenings.

Other options available in gazebo kits include storage bench seating and bug screening walls. A gazebo kit usually comes with all the hardware needed for construction and is designed with the "do-it-yourself" builder in mind. Gazebo kits are used in many different settings such as residential yards, apartment complex yards, garden, decks, near pools and even in parks.

Gazebo kits are also popular to use for backyard entertaining or a special event such as a wedding. They offer a great option for shade in yards without adequate shade trees and allow a great escape from the rain as well. A gazebo can add a quaint, romantic look to a property. Gazebo kits can be customized to each particular setting by adding flowers or a stepping stone footpath or other touches to make it a part of the landscaping.

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    • Constructing a gazebo kit requires basic carpentry skills.
      By: stokkete
      Constructing a gazebo kit requires basic carpentry skills.