What Are Garden Plaques?

B. Miller

Garden plaques are a type of decor that is intended to be placed in a garden or yard. They may be made of ceramic, wood, stone, or plastic that is designed to look like stone, and will generally feature a name, word, or phrase. Garden plaques can make great gifts and add a personal touch to a garden; some are also used to indicate where certain plants are located, particularly when one is growing herbs or vegetables. Garden plaques may be purchased online and at most gardening or home stores, though some people who are talented at working with wood or stone enjoy creating their own garden decor or other outdoor furnishings.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Garden plaques may be mounted on a wall or fence, placed on a stake, or placed flat on the ground. The ones for use on the ground may also be referred to as garden stones. It is necessary for these types of outdoor furnishings to be able to stand up to the weather. Some may be left out all year, but others should be brought in during the winter to prevent any damage from snow and ice.

Plaques with the family's last name on them are very common and can make great personalized gifts. These may be hung on a wall or door. This type of plaque might be given as a wedding or housewarming gift, for example; there are many different designs available, featuring images such as animals, flowers, stars, or other country items that are popular choices for lawn decor.

Other types of garden plaques often feature inspirational words on them. The plaque might say "Faith" or "Love," for example. These frequently come in sets of three or more, to give the garden a more cohesive look. These plaques may be placed at different locations throughout the garden. Other decorative plaques might feature a favorite quote or poem as well; the subject is often gardening, but it does not necessarily need to be. Religious plaques are popular too.

Finally, some garden plaques serve a functional purpose. They may placed at different areas in the garden to indicate the types of plants that are located there; for instance, one often uses these informational plaques for herb gardens. These plaques are often much smaller, in order to fit inside pots or near smaller plants. They might simply say one word, such as "rosemary" or "thyme," for instance.

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Under the name of RIPPstones garden art, I design and make hanging garden plaques. I believe they are a great way to create focal points in the garden. I use reconstituted stone which is UK weather proof!

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