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What Are Fried Fritters?

T. Carrier
T. Carrier

Fritters are a versatile food that may be prepared for various meals, and they are a staple in cuisines around the world. These edibles typically describe small portions of foods like fruits, vegetables, or meats that are covered in a batter mix and then cooked. Varieties of this food achieved through frying methods such as deep-frying or pan-frying are known as fried fritters. Since portions are typically bite-sized, fried fritters are considered a finger food.

A wide diversity of ingredients are commonplace in the creation of fried fritters. Most recipes for fritters consist of cooking a flavored dough or batter. Constituents like flour, baking powder, eggs, and milk help make the foundation and the covering of the fritters. The dough is placed over or mixed with another food.

Frying pans are used to make fried fritters.
Frying pans are used to make fried fritters.

Small bits of fruits, meats, and cheeses can be served in fritter form as breakfast foods or desserts. Additives such as onions, peppers, and other vegetables give the consumable goods their strong flavor in many appetizers. The end product is achieved by combining the dough and bite-sized portions of the aforementioned ingredients together to form a batter. In some regions, a fritter may resemble a pancake whereas in other regions it may constitute small individual pieces covered in dough.

Regardless of its makeup, the finished product must be cooked. For fried fritters, the cooking method used is frying. Oil is a necessary component of any fried product.

Using a deep fryer filled with hot oil is a common method for making fried fritters.
Using a deep fryer filled with hot oil is a common method for making fried fritters.

Frying is a quick cooking process that normally requires the cook’s constant attention. Most fried foods are achieved by placing cooking oil in a round device such as a frying pan. The pre-cooked food — in this case the fritter dough — is then dropped into the oil. Fried fritters must be turned over with a spoon until all sides have a brown coloring. After frying, excessive oil should be drained or dabbed off of the foods with paper towels or similar substances.

A few frying techniques may be used to create fried fritters. Shallow pans with added oil are the primary parts of techniques like sauteing. Stir-frying techniques, on the other hand, are identifiable by the need to consistently stir ingredients while cooking, and these methods are most often used with a rounded cooking pan called a wok. Perhaps the most common technique for making a fried fritter is shallow frying. This is another pan technique in which the portion-sized pieces would be placed in a miniscule amount of oil that would not entirely cover them.

While many fried fritter techniques involve a pan or other small device, deep-frying takes place in a large rounded container known as a deep-fat fryer. This device is filled with very hot oil, after which the food is placed in it and cooked quickly. The swift cooking allows the finished product to have a crisp outside and a soft and juicy inside. Therefore, the portion-sized pieces of the deep fried fritter would retain more of their intended tastes.

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I eat at a local Chinese restaurant a lot, and it never occurred to me that many of my favorite dishes would be considered meat fritters. Items like sesame chicken and General Tso's chicken really start out as chunks of chicken dipped in batter and deep fried. This place also serves deep fried corn fritters that are probably frozen before cooking. The corn inside has a creamy sauce around it that's held in by the crispy outer shell. It's a little on the rich side, but I still sneak a few onto my plate when I'm enjoying the buffet.


There's a restaurant in Nashville that offers deep fried corn fritters as a free appetizer, like other places offer breadsticks or tortilla chips. These corn fritters are amazingly good, and very addictive. We go through at least two baskets of them before our main meal is served. I'd love to get their corn fritter recipe, but I'm sure they like to keep it a secret. It's similar to other fried cornbread fritters I've had elsewhere, but they put a lot more fresh corn into the batter.

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    • Frying pans are used to make fried fritters.
      By: cosma
      Frying pans are used to make fried fritters.
    • Using a deep fryer filled with hot oil is a common method for making fried fritters.
      By: Bombaert Patrick
      Using a deep fryer filled with hot oil is a common method for making fried fritters.