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What are Flip Flop Slippers?

Charles R. Pearson
Charles R. Pearson

Flip flops and slippers are house shoes with a lot in common. Both are easy to put on and take off, serving as an easier alternative to most other styles of shoes. Both slippers and flip flops are designed for comfort, and they are also great for those who generally dislike wearing shoes. While slippers are generally worn indoors and flip flops are generally worn outdoors, flip-flop slippers can be worn anywhere.

Flip flops are very simple footwear made of only a strap and a sole. The soles are often spongy, absorbing the weight of the wearer’s foot. These shoes are great for warmer days, windy days and trips to the beach, since the open nature of the shoe allows the foot to get cool air. They are also often the cheapest footwear available.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Flip flop slippers attempt to improve the flip flop design by covering the flip flop with soft and comfortable material. The materials used for creating flip flop slippers includes sheepskin, hemp, wool and yak. Unlike the rubber that is used to make traditional flip flops, flip flop slippers are often made out of biodegradable materials, making them far more environmentally friendly. This footwear is much more comfortable than shoes, making them great for wearers relaxing in their pajamas.

Sheepskin is a very popular used for the creation of these slippers. Sheepskin is resistant to fire, electricity and cold temperatures. Sheepskin is also great for those who suffer from allergies. Some sheepskin is also chemically altered to make it resistant to moisture, which is great for flip flop slippers. Wearers can finally wear their slippers outdoors without worrying about damaging the slipper’s material.

One of the consequences of the added flip flop slippers material is the price. These slippers cost much more than flip flops generally cost. The lowest flip flop slipper price is usually around $20 US Dollars (USD), while most slippers were around $60 USD. They are often dyed with feminine colors, making them great women’s slippers.

Many flip flops are not healthy for their users’ feet. The flat nature of flip flops makes them very bad on the arch of the foot, possibly antagonizing injuries or pain related to flat feet. Flip flops are also bad for the tendons of the foot. Flip flop wearers should wear something else when they are in an environment where the feet need to be protected.

Aside from these dangers, flip flops do have some health benefits. Flip flop wearers have more oxygenated feet. Many of these flip flops come with sweat blocking anti-perspiring pads, making them great men’s slippers. Some flip flops have also been improved in order to provide users with shock absorption and arch support.

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There is a difference between regular flip flops and flip flop slippers. Flip flop slippers are the ones that you do wear around your house when you get up from bed, or just wear. I wouldn't wear them out to places because to me, it says someone is lazy or just doesn't care. I know they are comfortable but they are not meant to go out places.

Slippers are for comfort and they are easy to slip on and off. Especially if you live in a cooler environment, the slippers definitely will keep your feet warm. I think that is why they use them a lot in the retirement homes. You have to think of the hassle it may be to try to even get closed shoes on the residents, depending on the person. It's much easier to slip something on their feet real quick.

Regular flip flops are the ones that go between the toe that mainly everyone wears to go places or just to the grocery store. Also there are plain flip flops that you can just wear around the house or there are some that are decorated for fashion. Those you can wear with any outfit and go out still looking nice.


Although flip flop slippers are wonderful things, I would like to remind people that there are definitely time and place restrictions when it comes to wearing them.

This may just be an issue in my city, but I have been seeing truly shocking numbers of people walking around wearing their flip flop slippers out on the street as daily shoewear.

I don't know if it's just some kind of fashion, but in my opinion, shearling flip flop slippers are the kind of thing that belong in the bedroom or under the kitchen table while you're having coffee rather than as your grocery shopping shoes or something that you wear to class.

I do live in a college town, so I'm sure that makes a difference, but I also see older people doing it too. Do you guys experience anything like this in your hometowns too, and if so, what do you feel about it? I always feel like I want to say something, but I'm too afraid to do it in real life.

So how about it?


I think that flip flop slipper makers must be thanking their lucky stars for all the older people that retire to Florida -- my parents just moved down there to a retirement community, and when we went to visit them last week, it seemed like every single person I saw there was either wearing orthopedic shoes or fuzzy flip flop slippers, or even sometimes a combination of the two!

I guess I can see the appeal if you live in a place like that where it's not very cold any time of the year, but I can't really get why people would want to use them in other places. I mean, doesn't the whole open design of a flip flop kind of defeat the purpose of a slipper, to keep your food comfy and warm?

Of course, I don't wear my slippers all day either, which it seemed that many of the retirees did as well, so maybe I'm missing something...but seriously, what's the appeal?


I am such a huge fan of flip flop slippers because you can get all the comfort and warmth of slippers without your feet getting too hot or sweaty because they are designed like flip flop shoes.

My husband used to wear traditional mans slippers a lot, but he would have to take them on and off almost constantly because his feet would get so hot. This made them sweat, which made for some really manky smelling slippers.

I would have the same problem, except minus the sweat -- I would just feel like my feet were so confined and too toasty, especially when I would wear slippers in the summer.

So now we keep two pair of slippers, one of traditional men and women's slippers that we wear during the fall and winter, and one pair of mens and womens flip flop slippers for summer. Definitely a much more convenient way to go, and it really cuts down on the washing too.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip