What Are Environmentally Friendly Bottles?

C. Daw

Environmentally friendly bottles are containers designed to reduce the negative impact to the planet by being manufactured in such a way as to decrease pollution, while making them biodegradable, safer to consumers, and even recyclable in some cases. These bottles are also commonly called eco- friendly and green bottles, because they are safer for the environment than traditional plastic bottles. Most of these products are made out of various metals, depending upon the manufacturer, and can be found in retail stores throughout the world.

A recycled glass bottle.
A recycled glass bottle.

Most bottles produced are made out of some form of plastic, which are not considered to be environmentally friendly. Even though they can be recycled, they are slowly overfilling landfills because of the ease of throwing them away and simply getting a new one. Plastic is also harmful to the environment when it is manufactured because it is processed with various chemicals during the process. These pollutants get into the air, the water, and can even be ingested into the human body.

Eco-friendly bottles are better for the environment than plastic water bottles.
Eco-friendly bottles are better for the environment than plastic water bottles.

When plastic and its compounds are allowed to enter the body, it can lead to early puberty, breast formation in men, birth defects within unborn children, and even breast cancer in women. Most of these conditions require large amounts of plastic to be ingested, or by using bottle made with specific types of plastic. Using environmentally friendly bottles will completely eliminate all of the risks that studies claim to accompany the use of plastic ones.

Many environmentally friendly bottles are made using steel. This material is preferred for eco-friendly bottles because during the manufacturing process, no chemicals are used that will remain on the finished product. In the production of steel bottles, less pollution is released into the air in comparison to producing plastic bottles. It may be safer for consumers because chemicals don't leech into the liquid contained in the bottle. They are also highly durable, and can be used over and over again, saving money and space in landfills.

There are other types of environmentally friendly bottles on the market, such as glass and cardboard varieties, as well as a few plastic bottles that have been manufactured differently than traditional ones. Of course, these are not as common to find and usually have to be ordered through specialty dealers. Many companies are slowly making the move to using safer and more environmentally friendly materials for their bottles.

Glass bottles are considered environmentally friendly.
Glass bottles are considered environmentally friendly.

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