What are Egg Beaters?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

The egg beater has been a common kitchen utensil for many years. As a hand tool that is equipped with two rotary beaters that work in conjunction to blend eggs and other substances into a smooth textured liquid, egg beaters can be used to prepare all sorts of batter.

An egg.
An egg.

Hand egg beaters are usually constructed of aluminum or stainless steel. The structure of this device includes an open handle that is easy to thread through the fingers and grip, so there is solid control during use. A crank is included on the side of the design of the hand beater, allowing the user to turn the two rotary beaters at the bottom end of the utensil at whatever speed is desired. The device is built as one solid component, with no pieces that are detachable. This means than cleaning is accomplished by hand washing the entire unit, or by placing the utensil into a dishwasher.

Egg beaters are ideal for making the stiff peaks required for meringues.
Egg beaters are ideal for making the stiff peaks required for meringues.

Rotary egg beaters are most commonly used for preparing batter. In the case of making a cake, they can be used to mix flour, sugar, eggs, oil, and flavoring into a tasty batter for the layers of the cake. They also are a great way to blend cake mix with eggs and any other ingredients that are necessary. As the beaters are moved around the ingredients, the rotary beaters are operated using the crank on the side of the device, blending the components until the batter is smooth.

Egg beaters can also be used to create meringue as well. Placing egg whites in a bowl along with some sugar, the mixture can be beaten until mountains of creamy white meringue are created. The meringue will have a smooth and creamy texture, making it ideal for baking flavored meringues or as a topping for pies.

Using this utensil to create sauces and to smooth lumps in gravy is also common. Placing the sauce or gravy into a mixing bowl, then using the beaters to work through any lumps will yield a smooth substance that can easily be used to top entrees. The smooth substance can also be served on the side as a condiment with mashed potatoes or as a garnish to various types of vegetables.

Of course, egg beaters can also be used in the preparation of egg dishes. From scrambled eggs to preparing the egg mixture to use in a breakfast casserole, these tools accomplish the job in less time than it takes to set up an electric mixer, and will require no more cleanup or care.

Egg substitutes may be used to make scrambled eggs and omelettes.
Egg substitutes may be used to make scrambled eggs and omelettes.
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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I recently paid around $20 for an OXO egg beater which seemed a little high at the time, but this is so much nicer to use than my old traditional egg beater.

The beaters detach from the base so they are easy to throw in the dishwasher, and the handle is made of plastic and easier to hold on to. I love to try new kitchen gadgets, and this is certainly an improvement over most egg beaters I have used before.


When I am mixing up scrambled eggs or making french toast, I just grab a fork instead of hunting around in the drawer for my egg beater.

In fact, I seldom use my egg beater, and moved it to the drawer of utensils that I rarely use. It was taking up too much room to keep in the drawer where I keep the utensils I use all the time. I like to keep in on hand for certain situations, but I find it easier to just use a fork to mix up the egg mixture.

At first I thought this article was going to talk about the Egg Beaters that are used as a substitute for eggs. Basically, these are egg whites with seasonings added that are supposed to be healthier for you than eating the eggs with yolks.

The egg beater utensil has been around for a lot longer than the Egg Beater product has though. I remember this as being one of the very first kitchen utensils I used when I started to learn how to cook.

When mixing up cake or brownie batter it does a great job of making sure all the flour is mixed in well. If I just use a spoon to do this, I end up with tiny clumps of flour, but using an egg beater makes this job much easier.


My egg beater utensil is one that I keep handy and it gets used often in my kitchen. It is usually much faster and just as efficient to use this instead of dragging out my electric mixer.

Many people think of using an egg beater for eggs, but there are a lot of other uses for this utensil. I always rely on my egg beater when making gravy. I don't like lumps in my gravy, and this is one way to make sure the gravy is smooth and creamy.

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