What are Double Chaise Lounges?

D. Nelson

Double chaise lounges, or double lounges, are a kind of two-person indoor/outdoor seating that normally is upholstered. Although chaise lounges are often referred to as couches or sofas, this is not completely accurate. These chairs have long seats that allow users to extend their legs, and couches have shorter seats and require users to sit upright. Double lounges can best be described as falling somewhere between beds and couches, because they have upright backs and seats that are long enough to allow users to extend their legs.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Chaise lounges originated in Europe. They were originally called chaise longues, a French term that refers to any kind of recliner chair. In France, the term chaise longue can refer to double chaise lounges as well as any other kind of patio furniture that allows users to keep their legs up.

Double chaise lounges are often used on patios and outdoors. The most common models are upholstered in leather. They have frames that are made of an inexpensive metal, such as chrome. They come in different colors and designs. The models upholstered in leather are normally used in enclosed patio spaces, because exposure to the elements, such as sunlight, rain and moisture, might damage the chaise lounge.

Many double chaise lounges are made for outdoor furniture use. These models are often made of a teak wood and are coated for protection from the elements. A common accessory for outdoor double chaise lounges are cushions that make the reclining experience more enjoyable for the user.

Double chaise lounges differ from single chaise lounges in width. Chaise lounges are designed to fit one person and might often resemble common outdoor recliners, except that they are more elegantly designed and tend to be much sturdier. Double lounges, on the other hand, are wider and are designed to fit two people. In this sense, double lounges are similar to love seats.

These reclining seats are found all over the world in a number of environments and climates. Double chaise lounges are most commonly found in warmer climates where residents spend more time outdoors. In climates where the weather becomes cold or where there is much rain, a chaise lounge will often be brought inside or into an enclosed patio space. Many lounges are waterproofed so that the upholstery is not damaged by the elements.

Chaise lounges differ in price and style. The most expensive models tend to be those upholstered in leather. These high-end models might also have thickly cushioned headrests. Inexpensive lounges are closer to outdoor recliners and other common kinds of outdoor furniture used for picnics, campfires and other outdoor activities.

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